Weekly Poker Hand, Episode #110

I make a small continuation bet on the flop with a weak made hand, check behind on the turn, then face a river bet. Do you usually call or fold in this situation?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand, Episode #110”

  1. Good analysis to be sure. And nice call. In the games I play you will see this exact line with A baby kickers. They check call the flop to see what happens next. They check the turn and after you check, figure they can get a little value and/or may fold out another Ax hand potentially slightly out kicking them. So with 5’s here, you have to fold – or bomb it. It’s super player/situation dependent. So a hard decision and one I struggle some with when I have none to very little info/reads on the player. But again, I don’t play 2k buy ins (100-300 buy in MTTs)…

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