Weekly Poker Hand #10

I show you how to play against an absolute maniac in a cash game. I hope you enjoy it!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Poker Hand #10”

  1. Good job on this video. Your videos, books and forum postings have really helped me to learn how to deal with maniacs, which I think is difficult for many players.

  2. Love the video, and I would like to think I’d play this hand the same way. But to play devil’s advocate, let’s further examine betting on the river. Doesn’t the lag maniac call with Ace rag, and especially with A6 and A4? He’s also probably calling with 7s or 8s, although I’m guessing he would have played differently preflop with those hands and is very unlikely to have them. And when he folds, as he would in this instance, you don’t share any information with your table as to what cards you were playing. Is that worth much, if anything?

    1. I am usually not too concerned with giving out information, especially if my play is somewhat standard, which it likely is in this situation. Even if my play was not standard, I am usually aware of who is paying attention and how I need to adjust my play in the future.

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