WPH #499: He MEGA TILTS After Doug Polk Does THIS!

In this poker hand at The Lodge Card Club, Doug Polk, aka ‘WCGRider,’ is flexing his speech play skills in a bid to manipulate Mike D. The question is, will his silver tongue do the trick?

When you have a tough decision, and your opponent starts talking to you, it is because they are trying to talk you into what they want you to do. When an opponent speaks very clearly, they are usually not bluffing, but if they struggle to put a sentence together, they are more than likely bluffing.

Doug Polk ‘WCGRider’ is the owner of The Lodge Card Room along with Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme. Doug has over $9,500,000 in live tournament earnings and 3 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, including a win in the $100k Super High Roller for $1,600,000.

Not too much is known about Mike D, but he is introduced as an amateur poker player who has played a few times at The Lodge.

In early 2022, poker professionals Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme joined forces to acquire a controlling stake in The Lodge Poker Club & Card Room, which happens to be the largest poker establishment in Austin, Texas. This exclusive poker club, accessible only to its members, boasts an impressive array of amenities, including over 80 poker tables of cash games and tournaments, operating round-the-clock. Additionally, The Lodge provides an inviting ambiance with 40 large-screen TVs, allowing poker club members to enjoy sports entertainment while playing poker or while relaxing in the cozy waiting area. The live poker stream includes commentary from Skull Mike and Slick Rick, who have been long-time regulars at The Lodge. They provide viewers with strategic insights, complemented by a perfect blend of humor.

The Lodge Live Stream has had a variety of different poker players coming to play on stream, these include; Doug Polk ‘WCGRider’, Alex Foxen, Dan Cates ‘Jungleman’, Ben Lamb, Bill Perkins, Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, and Nik Airball.

🔍 Pre-flop:

Everyone folds to Mike D in the small blind who looks down at A5 of clubs, he opts to call the huge $400 double straddle. Doug Polk peeks down at A8o in the big blind and follows suit with a call. Next to act is Alex in the under the gun straddle with K4o, he senses weakness from his opponents and raises to $2,400. This doesn’t deter Mike D or Doug as they both put in the call as they head 3-way to the flop.

💸 Flop – As 4s 2s

The ace-high monotone flop is incredibly wet but no player has a spade. Mike and Doug check their top pairs over to the preflop aggressor Alex, who fires out a continuation bet for $3,300. Both Mike and Doug make the call to see the turn card.

💣 Turn – 3s

A fourth spade arrives which gives Mike D a five-high straight, he checks again over to Doug who also checks. Alex chooses not to double-barrel this turn and checks to see a river.

🌊 River – Tc

After a ten comes on the river, Mike D has the chance to scoop this huge pot with a straight if he can get to showdown. He checks for a third time to Doug, who knows that his pair of aces probably isn’t good, fires out a big bet of $11,400. After Alex swiftly folds, the action is back on Mike D. As Mike D looks like he is about to throw in the call to win a pot of almost $40,000 Doug opens his mouth! But what does Doug say? Will it encourage a call or a fold from Mike D? Watch this poker video to find out!

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