3 TIPS To Make The PERFECT HERO CALL! | A Little Poker with Jonathan Little 2-12-2024

A successful hero call is one of the most thrilling feelings in poker. The increased heart rate, the rush of adrenaline, and looking like the coolest person in the poker room is an experience we all chase!

But, whilst having massive potential upsides, it’s important to keep your adrenaline under control and understand when you should and should not make the call in the first place. And luckily, this is the perfect place to learn the difference!

In this live poker webinar, PokerCoaching founder and head coach, Jonathan Little, will help guide you through all the intricacies of a hero call, so you can chase the poker feeling we all crave! Whether you’re a beginner, unsure when to call it down, or a professional poker player looking to hone your skills, this poker video is a must-watch!

It’s important to remember to stay level-headed and selective when weighing up the pros and cons of a potential hero call. Avoid the temptation to make hero calls simply because you want to outsmart your opponent or catch them in a bluff, especially when you’re unsure that they’re even bluffing. Adopting this mindset is counterproductive and can result in making misguided and expensive choices!

Hit the play button on this live poker video now and learn how to profitably chase the poker excitement of a hero call!

In order to take your poker game to the next level it is vitally important you learn all the nuances of the game.

Do you know what ranges of poker hands you should be playing from each position? When should you 3-bet, call or fold? When is the right time to make a hero call or a huge bluff? Do you know how to play preflop, flop, turn & river effectively and how should your poker strategy change depending on the street? What difference does it make if you are playing multi-way vs heads-up?

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