This high stakes poker hand from Hustler Casino Live needs to be watched to be believed! Andy Stacks takes on the infamous Martin Kabrhel and decides to run a rather crazy 3 barrel bluff, but will it work?

Jonathan believes that the preflop raise from Andy Stacks might be a little bit loose with just J9 offsuit as there are still 4 people left to act. You should use suited hands to raise as they give you more equity to hit flushes!

He likes Andy’s bet on the flop as usually when you have a draw that completely lacks showdown value you usually want to bet as you can get a lot of better hands to fold and if you are called you still have equity to make a very strong hand!

When you are playing in extremely deep stacked cash games your semi bluffs should come from hands that are drawing to the nuts or very close to the nuts! Andy has a pretty bad draw with no backdoor clubs on the flop.

Jonathan would have preferred Andy to use a hand like AT to bluff with because at least it is drawing to the nuts and may also be strong enough to win if he were to hit an ace.

He does like the fact that Andy now bluffs the river when the ace comes as it puts a lot of Martin’s hands in the world of pain, like the one that he has! The shove from Martin is fairly confusing as he has a good hand to bluff catch with especially as his shove will give Andy incredible odds to call if he were to have a stronger hand.

The action in this crazy high stakes poker hand starts with Andy Stacks raising from the cutoff to $2,400 with J9o. Infamous table talker Martin Kabrhel deciding to defend from the 3rd blind with KJc.

The flop gives Martin a monster pair and a flush draw and gives Andy just a gutshot. Andy continues to tell his story with a $2,300 bet but Martin is going nowhere! He decides to put in the check raise to $7,000. Andy then responds with a 3-bet to $20,000! Martin makes the easy call.

The turn brings no help to Andy as it is an off suit 6. Martin checks to him and Andy decides to keep bluffing and bets $42,000 with just jack high! Martin again makes the call.

The river is an off suit ace which can’t be too thrilling for Kabrhel. He checks once more and Andy decides to go for the third barrel and fires $150,000 on the river! What will Martin do when facing such a large bet? Watch this video to find out more!

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