WPH #489: MONEYMAKER Owns HIMSELF In This WILD Poker Hand!

Watch how World Series of Poker Main Event champion and poker legend Chris Moneymaker fares on the Hustler Casino Live during ‘Moneymaker Week’.

Jonathan talks about generally how you should have a 4-bet or fold strategy preflop when you have marginal hands that play well postflop. You should want to take the betting lead and potentially pick up the pot right there! He agrees that Moneymaker has clearly sensed some weakness in the hand and actually likes his 4-bet to try and take the pot down.

Both players on the turn have a clear marginal made hand which is why Jonathan agrees that both players should check, you should be looking to play small to medium sized pots with your marginal made hands. Having said that, Dentist Dave does decide to lead out on the turn which Jonathan is not a huge fan of. He is really only going to get called by a jack or better and high equity draws. The bet does not accomplish much.

Jonathan discusses his thoughts on what he thinks it means when players act extremely quickly. This can often indicate a medium strength hand. However when good and accomplished players like Chris Moneymaker act fast, they are doing it because they assume that the speed in which they act is going to induce the action from their opponent that they want, whether that be folding or calling.

Dentist Dave’s call on the river makes sense due to his pot odds and the line in which Moneymaker has taken. A lot of Chris’ aces would have bet something on the flop.

Chris Moneymaker, is an American professional poker player. He won the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event for $2,500,000, and is seen by many as the reason for the poker boom which saw people all over the world start to play poker. He has over $6,100,000 in live tournament earnings which puts him in the top 250 for live earnings,

Dentist Dave is introduced as a Hustler Casino Live regular, he is a businessman from Arizona and plays all the big games at The Hustler Casino Live.

This week on Hustler Casino Live was advertised as ‘Moneymaker Week’ as it was his debut on the stream. Moneymaker was scheduled to play around 3 days of live streams. But he ended up getting too intoxicated during the game and this resulted in him not playing on the stream again that week.

Other notables poker players on the stream were Johnnie Vibes, Alec Torreli, Mariano, & Rob Kuhn.

🚀 Pre-Flop: Popular YouTube poker vlogger Johnnie Vibes initiates the action with a raise to $600 with his KTo from early position. Rob Kuhn responds with a three-bet to $2,200 with Q8cc. This does not thin the field as intended and the as Jibrael & Dentist Dave join the party. WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker senses a spot to squeeze and decides to cold 4-bet to $8,000 with a questionable QJo. This clears out the field apart from Dentist Dave who decides his KJh is strong enough to continue and he makes the call.

🃏 The Flop: As Jd 3s Dave checks in flow to the aggressor. Moneymaker decides to slow down the action with a check behind on this flop as he has good showdown value with his pair of jacks.

💥 Turn: 6c Sensing weakness Dentist Dave takes the betting lead on the turn firing out $7,000 into the $21,000 pot. Moneymaker makes the easy call.

🌊 River: 4h The brick on the river slows Dentist Dave down and he decides to check. Moneymaker who now believes he has the best hand decides to shove for $9,450 (all-in). Will Dentist Dave find this epic hero call with the best hand? Find out in this poker video!

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