WPH #488: Rampage Poker TORCHES Again! [Can He Get LUCKY???]

Watch as famous poker vlogger Ethan ‘Rampage Poker’ Yau finds his best way to punt his chips off during a Hustler Casino Live stream!

This is a unique format in which they are playing a $25/$50 Ante Game, which means every player has to post $25 before the hand (apart from the button who posts $50). The players only have to call the $25 extra to enter the pot and make up the big blind. The action starts left of the button which is considered UTG.

Jonathan discusses how ranges should be wider in this type of format due to how much dead money is already in the pot preflop. You should be looking to play hands that can make the nuts, or close to! Having said that he is not a huge fan of the limp/re-raise from Rampage. He has a hand that should much prefer just calling the $600 raise. Jonathan likes the min click 4-bet raise from Luda Chris with his ATo. It’s not a great hand to just call with and against such an aggressive opponent such as Rampage Poker you need to find a wider range of hands to bluff 4-bet with.

In the second poker hand Jonathan thinks Rampage is far too wide in raising Q7h, you need to pick hands that have better playability postflop. On the JJ4ccx flop, Francisco decides to lead with his 66 which Jonathan thinks is a mistake. You generally will only be called against opponents that either have you crushed or extremely good equity against your small pair. There is also a chance that you may get raised which turns your hand into a bluff catcher in a potentially big pot by the river. Rampage uses an interesting small raise size on the flop which signals to his opponent’s that his hand is so strong that they are drawing extremely thin to beat him. The problem is in games that everyone is extremely loose then you are still going to get called very frequently. On the river Jonathan thinks the only way that Rampage could get Francisco to fold a full house would be to put maximum pressure on him by putting him all-in or very close to. Remember that a lot of players do not like to fold full houses!

Ethan Yau, a.k.a Rampage, is a popular YouTuber and poker player. He has over 270,000 subscribers on YouTube and has won over $2,100,000 in tournament earnings, including a $900,000 win in a December 2022 WPT High Roller at the Wynn.

Luda Chris is introduced as a Produce Arbitrage Broker, which means he flips produce products in the Los Angeles area. He goes to Farmers markets and spots the best prices on things like eggplants, eggs, etc. Then sells it to other Farmers markets for a higher price. He often plays on Hustler Casino Live and is known for playing ludicrously aggressive.

Francisco is introduced as ‘The Pro” and owns 6 chickens. He is a regular and a fan favorite who often plays on Hustler Casino Live.

Hustler Casino Live is a full-scale, high-value production. Close to a million dollars was spent transforming the casino’s high-limit poker room, the Crystal Room, into the set of this new state-of-the-art live show. Hustler Casino Live looks more like coverage of a TV broadcast sporting event and appeals to those beyond the poker community. Unscripted and unedited, they host regular streams such as ‘Max Pain Monday’ and ‘Thirsty Thursday’. Some of the most notable players to appear on the show have been Phl Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Doug Polk, Garrett Adelstein, Tony G, and many more.

The Hustler Casino was founded by the late Larry Flynt. It has been operational since June 22, 2000. It is located in Gardena, California about 25km south of downtown LA. It has poker, table games, and slots.

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