WPH #487: Rampage Poker With ACES In A HORRIBLE Spot!

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It’s always a dream spot when you are facing a 5-bet and have pocket aces! This is exactly the situation that popular poker vlogger Rampage Poker found himself in at the Thunder Valley Casino against his good friend and fellow poker professional Stephen Song. Can Rampage find a way to get maximum value and stack Song? Find out in this video!

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Jonathan discusses the differences in your raise sizes preflop depending on your stack depth and position. As Rampage is extremely deep with the button he could have raised even larger to help reduce the stack to pot ratio (SPR) which would make it easier for Rampage to find a way to get all of the money in by the river (or even earlier!)

When Rampage decides to use a small bet size on the turn after the flop has checked through he is essentially saying that he now has the range advantage and can start betting for thin value but also with some bluffs. With Song just calling on the turn his range is looking more like a hand that is pocket kings or ace king. He will also have some slow played traps like pocket queens or pocket jacks but these will make up a smaller part of his range due to there being fewer combinations of these hands compared to kings or ace king.

Jonathan covers an interesting topic on how you should always look to use the largest ‘small size’ when betting for value that your opponent will still call. He thinks that Song would have called $2,000 on the turn rather than just $1,500 so this could have been a spot that Rampage could have earnt himself an extra $500!

Ethan Yau, a.k.a Rampage, is a popular YouTuber and poker player. He has over 264,000 subscribers on YouTube and has won over $2,100,000 in tournament earnings, including a $900,000 win in a December 2022 WPT High Roller at the Wynn.

Rampage’s opponent in the cutoff is his friend Stephen Song. Song is a professional poker player from the U.S.A. He has $5,519,065 in live tournament earnings putting him 295th in the all-time money list.

Rampage mentions he was at the Thunder Valley Casino for a RunGood poker series. This series brought about this large cash game. Rampage cashed one event in this series which was the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em – Main Event. He came 31st for $5,565.

The Rungood poker series (RGPS) took place between 13 – 31 July 2023 and had 17 events with buy-ins ranging from $150 to the $2,500 Main Event.

Thunder Valley Casino is located in Sacramento California and offers poker, table games, and slots. There is also a hotel and a golf course linked to the property.

🃏 Preflop: In this high-stakes cash game with blinds at $10/$25/$50, action kicks off with Stephen Song in the cutoff who makes a standard raise to $150. Villain 1 on the button throws in a 3-bet to $500, but the real fireworks begin when our Ethan ‘Rampage Poker’ Yau in the small blind joins the fray with a cold 4-bet to $1,500. Song responds with a rare 5-bet to $3,000, and after Villain 1 folds, Rampage makes the call with his pocket aces.

🔥 The Flop: Qh Qc Jd The flop is not an ideal one for our hero as he now loses to a lot of the hands that Song may have chose to 5-bet with. Rampage checks and Song interestingly decides to check behind.

🌀 The Turn: 9h On the turn Rampage fires a $1,500 bet, and Song makes the call, setting the stage for a climactic river card.

🔵 The River: 8s On the river, Rampage decides to opt for a thin value block bet size and continues his aggression with a $1,800 bet, prompting Stephen to fold.

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