WPH #486: Alan Keating – Poker GENIUS or PUNTER?????

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The Million Dollar Game hosted by Hustler Casino Live was such a treat to all poker fans! Watching some of the splashiest high stakes players battle it out with over $1,000,000 in most of their stacks! This weekly poker hand will show you exactly why it was such an entertaining stream to watch!

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Jonathan Little does not recommend calling an early position raise with 75o, but if you are extremely rich and are having fun then who cares! On the flop Yong decides to use a rather large bet size (around 80% of the pot) which is not often seen multiway on such dry flops. Having said that, as the effective stack gets deeper it becomes more reasonable to use larger bet sizes in order to get stacks in with your strongest hands.

Alan Keating opts for a small raise size which actually makes a lot of sense when facing such a large bet and on a board that you have a lot of the effective nut hands. Also Keating is likely aware that Rob Yong will likely be betting too frequently on this board which means that his range will be much wider and will include a lot of bluffs.

The turn card is generally quite bad for Keating’s range that might opt to use a small raise size on the flop. Lots of tens would raise as well as some draws, so when he decides to continue for a large bet size on the turn he is essentially narrowing his range to nutted hands which is quite hard to have.

Jonathan believes that on the 5h river that Keating has to continue bluffing as some of his bluffs will have contained a 2 and it is unlikely that Yong will have a 2 in his range.

Alan Keating is a well known cash game player often playing in the biggest cash games live and private games around the world, he has become more of a regular on the Hustler Casino Live stream.

Rob Yong is an English poker player, and the owner of Dusk To Dawn Poker Club which is the largest poker club in the United Kingdom, and second biggest in Europe. Rob has over $1,000,000 in live tournament earnings, but he is mainly a cash game player having played in many of the biggest games around the world. Rob is known for being very talkative at the table.

This hand took place during the highly anticipated Million Dollar Cash Game on the Hustler Casino Live stream. It had an array of professionals and businessmen competing against one another. Some of the most well-known poker players that played in this game were: Doug Polk, Tom Dwan, Tony G, Rampage, Wesley, Stanley Tang, Nik Airball, Huss, J.R., Double M, Blank Check Ben, Brandon Steven, Charles and Rob Yong.

🃏 Preflop: In this exciting poker hand, Blank Check Ben opens under the gun +1 (UTG+1) with the modest 2d2c. Rob, on the button (BTN), makes a questionable call with 7d5c, and Keating defends his straddle with 96hh.

🌟 The Flop: Td 4h 3s On the flop Keating checks to the preflop aggressor. Ben who has completely missed his set decides to slow down and opts to check as well. Rob seizes the opportunity with his gutshot straight draw and bets $14,000. Keating, however, decides to make a rather ambitious move, raising it to $40,000 with no pair but backdoor flush & straight draws. Ben finds the easy fold & Rob decides to splash around and calls the raise.

🌀 The Turn: Ac The turn card brings the Ac into play which does not change the strength of either players hand. Keating doesn’t back down & follows through with his story by placing a $70,000 bet. Rob, now has a double belly-buster & makes the call, bringing the pot to a mouth watering $239,000.

🔵 The River: 5h The river card now actually gives Yong a pair, albeit a very weak one. It also opens up a straight if any player were to have 2 which is unlikely the way this poker hand has currently played out. Keating fires his triple barrel bluff, betting $160,000. Can Yong find a crazy hero call to take down over half a million dollars? Watch this poker video to find out!

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