WPH #470: Brad Owen In A WORLD Of PAIN!

#pokerstrategy #pokervlog #bradowen Popular poker vlogger Brad Owen finds himself in a dream spot as he flops a set in a $5/$10 cash game at the Bellagio poker room in Las Vegas.

Jonathan talks about how your opening ranges in early position should depend on the table dynamic. If you are going to face lots of preflop aggression then you should start to fold out your smaller pocket pairs. If you are at a loose and splashy game where you are not facing much aggression and will often get to see a flop then go ahead and raise!

Jonathan also talks about the differences between GTO and exploitative poker and when you should look to use them. When playing against strong poker players you should revert to what is a GTO strategy. When playing against recreationals that are not too conscious of bet size you should be betting big for value!

This thrilling cash game poker hand took place at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Our Hero, Brad Owen, decides to open the action with a raise off $1,455 with pocket 3s. Only the villain in the big blind decides to just call with AQdd and comfortably covers Brad. Both players head to a 7h 4d 3c flop which gives Brad bottom set and the villain just two overcards and some backdoor flush and straight possibilities. Brad continues his aggression with a bet of $40 into $65. The Villain decides to float. The 6s turn changes the dynamic of the board drastically as now any 5 would make a straight. Villain now decides to lead this card for $80 which is just over a half pot size bet. Brad makes the easy call with outs to a full house and he could still easily have the best hand. The river pairs the board giving Brad a full house. The villain decides to be again, this time to the tune of $240 into a pot of $305. Brad now has a decision, should he raise or just call? Watch this poker video and find out!

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