WPH #452: MEGA TILT After LOSING $312,900 To RAMPAGE Poker!

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Rampage Poker has recently been on a downswing but that all changed in this poker stream at the Hustler Casino Live as Rampage booked his biggest ever cash game win to date – over $500,000 in a single session!

Most of his profit came from the Hustler Casino Live regular Nik Airball. These two poker players battled in large pots all night with Rampage getting the best of Nik for most of them. Nik lost over $700,000 in that particular game. In this particular poker hand Nik cannot believe what Rampage Poker does and in less than 3 seconds too! It put him on complete mega tilt after this $312,900 pot and Nik Airball went on to lose over $750,000 at the poker table on the live stream.

In this poker hand I look at a crazy hero call that Rampage made against Nik. Rampage also known as Ethan Yau would have known that Nik was tilted at this point in the game which would have been a factor he considered when deciding to make a $110,000 call on the river.

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#hustlercasino #rampagepoker #pokerstrategy

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