WPH #449: One Of The RAREST Moves In POKER! [$207,500 For 1st!]

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PokerCoaching coach Aram Zobian manages to successfully pull off the very rare double check raise whilst he is heads up for a PokerGo Cup title!

Jonathan discusses the importance of having a balanced check-raising range. You should be finding good semi-bluffs to use as check-raises and not only your strong value hands.

Punsri’s hand becomes a pure bluff catcher after Zobian decides to fire in the double check raise on the turn. Punsri really has to decide whether he thinks Zobian is going to get out of line in this particular spot before deciding to continue. This was the 3rd PokerGo Cup series. It took place from January 11th – 20th 2023, in the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. There were 8 events on the schedule, all were No-Limit Hold’em. Buy-ins ranged from $10,000 to $50,000.

Aram Zobian is an American professional poker player with just over $3,200,000 in live earnings. The bulk of that came in the 2018 WSOP Main Event when he finished 6th for $1,800,000 (John Cynn was the champion that year).

Punnat Punsri is a Thai poker player. He is a regular on the PokerGO Tour and Triton series. Punsri has $4,800,000 in live tournament earnings with his biggest live cash coming in September 2022 at a Triton $100,000 event in Cyprus. He won the event for $2,600,000.

In the 2023 PokerGO Cup Event #2 $10K NLHE tournament at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, Punsri and Zobian were in a heads-up battle to win the title. Punsri had As7h, and Zobian held 8c6d. With 46BB and 81BB respectively, Punsri called from the button and Zobian checked. They saw a flop of 8s 8h 7d. After Zobian checked, Punsri bet 80,000, to which Zobian’s reply was a raise to 225,000. Punsri called. The turn brought a 2s. Zobian checked one more and Punsri took the bait as he bet 320,000. Zobian then pulls off the unthinkable and attempts the double check-raise as he bumps it up to 910,000. A confused Punsri decides to call. The river was a 2d, and Zobian empties the clip and puts Punsri to the test for his poker tournament life. Punsri made the call, but lost the hand. Zobian was then crowned the champion and earnt $207,500!

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Thank you to PokerGO for allowing me to use their footage!

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