BLUFF the River Like A PROFESSIONAL Poker Player! | A Little BRÈINFÚEL with Jonathan Little 10-17-2022

You can’t expect to have four of a kind or a full house every time on the river. To be a winning poker player you must be able to bluff when necessary. Today, I will teach you all how to bluff the river like a professional poker player. When watching high stakes poker tournaments and cash games, you will see some of the best poker players in the world make aggressive bluffs many of us do not have in our games. ⁣

When a third club comes on the river and you have the ace of clubs, sometimes you must be willing to represent the flush and go for the bluff. Especially in small stakes poker games, the typical player does not bluff nearly enough, providing a great way for small stakes players to increase their bankroll. ⁣

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