WPH #425: Can Phil IVEY Beat A Poker JEDI? [$200,000 Poker Tournament]

Phil Ivey is back and showing us all why he is widely considered to be the greatest poker player of all time!

His opponents in this poker hand are no strangers to the high stakes poker scene either. Ben Heath who has over $13,000,000 in live tournament earnings and Christoph Vogelsang, the poker jedi, who has a staggering $27,000,000 of his own live tournament winnings.

Ivey is put to the ultimate test on the river by a very tricky Vogelsang who decides to bluff with just seven high. Ivey is sat there with middle pair and a weak kicker. Could you have made the call in Phil Ivey’s shoes?

This hand took place during the $200,000 Coin Rivet Invitational during the Triton Super High Roller Series.

Thank you to Triton Poker for allowing me to use their video footage, check out this hand and many more over on their YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/tritonpoker

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