WPH #413: DON’T Bluff Like THIS With Next Gen Poker

“I want to be internet famous so I call!” – This is probably a good sign at the start of a hand that your opponent will not be folding!

Frankie from the Next Gen Poker finds himself in a tough river spot and decides to go for a brave bluff against a very jolly opponent who wants to feature in his poker vlog.

These poker players in Texas like to play large pots and do not often like to fold! Be very selective with who you plan to bluff because sometimes you will find players that will just never fold.

Remember that when you are raising preflop from out of position you should be using a slightly larger sizing. You should also be checking back some hands on the river that have showdown value and not bluff with every single one.

Thank you to the Next Gen Poker guys for allowing me to use their footage from this poker vlog. Check out their brilliant poker channel here: https://youtube.com/nextgenpoker

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