WPH #410: RAMPAGE Poker BATTLES The World’s BEST Players

In this Weekly Poker Hand Rampage Poker finds himself battling against recent Super High Roller Bowl winner and high stakes tournament crusher Jake Schindler.

Rampage Poker is taking a shot in a big poker tournament in the PokerGO Studio, Las Vegas as he finds himself also sat at a table with poker professionals Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu and Johan ‘YoH ViraL’ Guilbert.

In this particular hand Rampage finds out why it is difficult to compete with these high stakes poker tournament crushers as Jake Schindler applies maximum pressure with huge bet sizes.

“When you are out of position in a multiway pot you should be doing a lot of checking” – Jonathan Little

When you do check out of position you should be looking to check-raise your best made hands that are vulnerable to being outdrawn. Having said that, if you are facing an opponent who bluffs frequently you should be more inclined to call to give them every chance to continue bluffing.

High stakes tournament players may tend to overbluff against players that they believe are playing for money that is too big for them therefore they might be scared to call off their stack with their marginal hands.

Thank you to Rampage Poker for allowing me to use the footage from this poker vlog. Check out his amazing poker channel here: https://youtube.com/rampagepoker

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