WPH #409: Daniel NEGREANU’s MASTERCLASS In BLUFFING [Old School vs New School]

Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu faces a very strange min bet on the river by Ali Imsirovic. In this video I discuss the poker strategy you should use when facing min-bets and how to counter them!

Negreanu stands the hand by raising preflop with pocket eights and Ali Imsirovic defends the big blind. The hand plays out fairly straightforward from there until they both reach the river and then Ali decides to min-bet for just over 10% pot!

Daniel Negreanu is known to be a great live poker player as he uses his reading ability to frequently make the correct decisions at the poker table. Does he manage to sniff this one out and pick up a live poker tell from Ali Imsirovic? Watch the video and find out!

Thank you to PokerGO for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/pokergo

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