Playing snug at the 2015 WSOP Final Table

Hello everyone! The 2015 WSOP Main Event provided lots of excellent educational poker footage. Instead of typing out a long blog post explaining the concept of playing conservatively when you have a middle stack, I decided to make a video. In this hand, Beckley made what I believe to be a huge error and it ended up costing him a significant amount of chips. Would you have made the same error he made?

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3 thoughts on “Playing snug at the 2015 WSOP Final Table”

  1. 14917 Sherrod Croft Ln

    I definitely love this type of share my pair blog.
    Thanks for all of your great coaching products.

  2. hi mr little,
    why does he fold the Kx or 8x? i mean arent those at least calls for 1 street (the turn)?

    how about 2h or 3h flushes why doesnt he fold these to a 2barrel on turn and river?

    1. On the turn with a horrible bluff catcher, especially when you will likely face another bet on many rivers, you should fold. If you run one pair on a 4 flush board versus any reasonable range, you will find it is in marginal shape at best, especially if your opponent can bet thin.

      I imagine you should consider folding bad flushes to two barrels without any sort of a read.

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