Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games

How to Succeed Beyond the Small Stakes

Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games is a must-have if you have ambitions to move up the stakes. Renowned poker player and leading coach Jonathan Little brings together ten No-Limit experts to provide cutting-edge information for the keen student.

All the authors are established coaches for pocarr.com, the prominent backing company. Pocarr has helped numerous players to climb the poker ladder and succeed at the highest levels in events such as the WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) and SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker).

Success beyond the lower stakes demands a highly specific skill set. Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games will show you how to develop this skill set so you can rise to the top of the game.

Topics include:

  • Quick tips for beating the low stakes games
  • Adjusting your preflop strategy
  • When to c-bet (continuation bet)
  • How to defend against c-bets
  • Navigating multi-way pots
  • Basic ICM (Independent Chip Model) and advanced ICM
  • Medium stacked final table strategies
  • Strategies to crush live poker

Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold’em Games is the essential guide for anyone who is serious about wanting to succeed at the high stakes and make a significant income from poker.