Bluff Catching with Dan Colman

I am excited to announce that I recently started making monthly tournament videos for Crush Live Poker. Each month, I will review hands using live poker footage, allowing me to analyze the “full picture” instead of only the technical side of the game. You can sign up now using my affiliate link to get a FREE month at Crush Live Poker. As an added bonus, at the end of my videos on CLP, I explain how you can get a PDF copy of my best-selling book Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments for FREE. In the video below, I show an insightful hand that Dan Colman, one of the hottest players in the world at the moment, played deep in a major $5,000 buy-in event.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Be sure to sign up for your FREE one-month membership at Crush Live Poker. I am confident that studying my videos there will help take your live poker game to the next level. I’ll be back next week with another educational blog post. Thanks for watching!

6 thoughts on “Bluff Catching with Dan Colman”

  1. Love your comments about the hand. I am thinking also, maybe Colman had a read on his opponent that he 3Bets pre from the blinds with weak aces as a semi-bluff and his strong aces for value? Most guys like to include the junky aces along with the strong aces from the blinds to stay somewhat balanced for their 3betting range. Maybe Colman noticed this guy do that frequently, or even saw some of those 3bet hands go to showdown.

  2. In my opinion the raise from the BB make only sense if he holds flush draws, two pair+ and radom hands
    what does villain with all his complete air hands? all time folding? trying to buy the pot?
    The turn may shows that he only holds semi bluffs and bluffs there. (he has no more sets, AJ and J6, with half pot size bet? he would try to keep him into the pot and bet smaller…. most likely and offer good odds in case he is drawing)

    thank you Jonathan for all the great work. I bought three books from you they helped me a lot.

  3. Michael Hlavaty

    Jonathan- I live in the 7 Hills area of Henderson and I play 15-20 bracelet events each year at the series. Do you offer any type of training one on one. Please let me know as I have read all your books and am very eager to advance my game. Thank you in advance.

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