Weekly Poker Hand, Episode 194

I show you how to play K-K, as well as how to not play 8-8.

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  • Michael says:

    Great video! Very well explained.
    Would that be the same way to play that hand if I’m in a 1-3 or a 2-5 cash game ?

  • Anthony Seddon says:

    With a weak top pair hand in say seat 3’s position a check call or raise all in is best if you feel the player is a maniac(obv a good player would have folded preflop to the 3 bet anyway so that situation wouldnt have occurred) you mentioned that he should have folded pre bc of poor implied odds; however the call is justified with this hand if you feel the 3bettor i.e.jcardshark is a total maniac right? Although, if you feel jcardshark is a maniac then quite possibly a 4bet allin preflop is prob best anyway simply bc seat 3 is out of position and it’d only be for approx 7-8X (would rather be at bout 5-6X)his 3bet size.

  • johnny Z says:

    would that be your same play (calling an all in bet) if it was the 2nd level of a tournament with you and the all in bettor in excess of 80 BB and the flop comes 4-4-4???…

  • Mark Estes says:

    What’s your cbet size if your RHO had taken any of your courses (and decided to call your preflop 3 bet anyway)?

  • Mark Borowski says:

    I understand 88 was not getting the correct implied odds against u to set mine but with the other guy in the hand, doesn’t that change his implied odds? Or do u not really count the opener since u 3bet & are the aggressor?

  • Mario says:

    I’m not sure about this play. You re-raised pre-flop. If pocket 88 checked and an over card peeled and one of you two hit it someone may say he should have bet…obviouly he was 50/50 on whether or not you had a pair.

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