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The right way to play an under pair

By | Articles | 2 Comments

One of my students recently told me about a hand from a $5/$10 no-limit hold’em cash game that demonstrates exactly how you should play a marginal under pair. Although he ended up losing the pot, he played it great.

A somewhat loose, splashy player raised to $30 out of his $1,000 effective stack from first position at a seven-handed table and our Hero with 10d-10c elected to 3-bet from second position to $90. Read More

The Slow Roll

By | Long Posts | 5 Comments

There has been a rash of slow rolling on televised poker recently, so let’s discuss it!

Slowrolling is when someone knows they have the best hand either at the showdown or when facing a final bet, but they act as if they have the losing hand before eventually revealing the winner.

While this has no impact on the game (because the best hand always wins at the showdown), it causes some players to get angry because they thought they were going to win the pot, but instead lost. Many people view slow rolling as a personal attack and get angry, often resulting in suboptimal play or raging tilt. Read More

Choosing the correct river bet size

By | Articles | 12 Comments

Despite spending a decent amount of time studying, getting in shape, and finding my way into a tranquil mindset, the 2015 $10,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event did not go well for me. I felt like I played my best but the cards simply did not cooperate at all. However, I did get off to a nice start. Today I will share with you a hand that may seem straightforward, but in reality, it is a tricky spot that I think I played in the most profitable manner.   Read More

Visiting Baha Mar before PartyPoker’s Caribbean Poker Party – Part 2

By | Video Blogs | 10 Comments

In November, PartyPoker is having a major tournament series featuring two (yes, 2!) $10,000,000 guaranteed events called the Caribbean Poker Party at Baha Mar, a new luxury resort in the Bahamas and asked if I would go there to make a video blog showing off the resort. Seeing how Amie and I have not had a non-poker vacation away together in two years, we were celebrating our three-year anniversary, and are expecting our second son in December, how could I say no?

This video features lots of time at the beach, amazing dinners, and maybe even a little blackjack action.

Baha Mar is amazing. Every detail is accounted for. The beach is pristine, the rooms and the venue are immaculate, and the food is amazing. If you are looking for a tournament to play in the near future, you will not want to miss PartyPokerLive’s Caribbean Poker Party. Click here for details on the series. I will see you there!

In case you missed it, here is Part 1:

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