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The Benefits of Getting in Shape

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After many years of spending 12 hours a day sitting with poor posture and playing poker, I realized I was not in great health. Thankfully, I made a change, got in shape, and learned a lot. Getting in shape will help you think more clearly, play your best for longer periods of time, and be happier! In this video, I will share with you some tips that I wish I knew 10 years ago.

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Poker for Beginners

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In this video, I am going to teach you the rules of the game, poker hand rankings, and a basic strategy to get you started playing! After this video, you will feel comfortable playing with friends and family, charity events, and fun home games.

The most important thing to do as you begin to play poker is to have fun! Do not get overwhelmed or devastated if you lose, just enjoy the experience.

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How to Think in Terms of Ranges

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The first step to consistently win money in poker is to learn how to think in terms of hand ranges. It’s time to stop trying to put your opponents on one exact hand. Instead, analyze all of the possible hands that your opponents could have in any given situation. In this video, I will teach you how to do this so that you can become a consistent winner in poker.

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Let’s NOT Make a Deal

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If you constantly chop in tournaments, you are lighting money on fire! This is because when you chop, you fail to get experience in short-handed, high-pressure situations. And on top of that, it’s unlikely that you’re getting an advantageous deal.

Today, I want to teach you the math behind the 3 most common methods of chopping and convince you to stop chopping unless your opponents pay you to make a deal!

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