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Three mistakes you don’t realize you are making

By | Long Posts | 2 Comments

3tipsToday’s blog post was inspired by the mistakes I witnessed numerous amateur players commit on a regular basis during the WSOP. Most of these players were oblivious to the blunders they were making. These mistakes are difficult for amateurs to notice, especially those who play in the small or middle stake games, because the vast majority of the player pool exhibits these flaws. Once amateurs become enlightened to these errors, they will instantly be able to improve their strategies and mindset, allowing them to focus on other elements of the game. Read More

I need your help with my next book

By | Products, Short Posts | 35 Comments

111I recently hosted a live webinar (click the link for a FREE 31 minute video) where I discussed and analyzed my play from a few sessions of live $1/$2 no-limit at Borgata. During these sessions I did quite well by getting blatantly out of line and exploiting my opponents’ specific tendencies. Since this webinar was so well received, and Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments is constantly the #1 Kindle book, I have decided to make a new book about the strategies I used to crush the small stakes cash games. Read More

Adapt or Perish

By | Guest Posts | One Comment

222I am away on my honeymoon so this week’s blog post is a guest post by Pamela Maldonado, who is part of the editorial team at PokerNews. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

In 2013 I played my first ever WSOP Event — the $1,000 Ladies tournament. It was a 3-day event with 954 entrants and I lasted a disappointing two hours.  Like many other players, I was eliminated by a bad beat.  I don’t like to complain so I’m not going to, but after the event was over I wasn’t as disappointed in the hand that sent me to the rail as I was in my play and outlook for the rest of that tournament.  Turns out I was a fish. Read More

Figure out their range (then do something about it!)

By | Articles | No Comments

44In my new book, Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em, out of the 500 pages, quite a few are dedicated to in-depth range analysis. While most advanced players know how to put their opponents on a range of hands, it seems like very few of them actually get out of line and take advantage of their range assessment abilities. I recently played a hand in the $3,500 Borgata WPT event where I was fairly certain I knew both of my opponents’ ranges. The only problem was that one, if not both of my opponents had me in bad shape. Read More

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