WPH #517: HEADS-UP For $230,000!! [Jonathan Little vs Alex Foxen]

Jonathan Little was on the cusp of winning the trophy at a $10,000 buy-in PokerGO Cup event, with only one player standing in his way. That player happened to be Alex Foxen, currently one of the most decorated tournament players in the world. As the stacks dwindled and fewer big blinds remained in play, Little would have to put on a preflop masterclass to unsettle his opponent and take home the title!

When playing heads-up in a tournament, it is important to be aware of whether there is a big blind ante (BBA). With a BBA in place, the small blind has to put in an extra 0.5 big blinds to win 3 big blinds, meaning that the small blind should be playing 100% of their hands.

Jonathan Little ‘FieryJustice’,’Jcardshark’, ‘JonLittle’ is in the top 150 on the all time money list with over $8,800,000 in total live earnings. He has 2 World Poker Tour (WPT) titles, both of which were for over $1,000,000. He won the WPT Season VI (2007-2008) Player of the Year award. Jonathan is a 38 year old professional poker player from the U.S.A. He is also the founder of PokerCoaching.com.

Alex Foxen ‘bigfox86’ is a 32-year-old American professional poker player and is a regular at the highest stakes poker tournaments in the world. He has over $32,000,000 in live tournament earnings putting him in the top 20 on the all time money list. He has 1 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet from the 2022 $250,000 No Limit Hold’em – Super High Roller for $4,563,700.

The PokerGo Cup was a series of eight No-Limit Hold’em poker tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $10,000 – $25,000 played from January 25 to February 3, 2024 and held inside the PokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

$10,000 – 2024 PokerGO Cup Event #3 – Results

1st: Jonathan Little U.S.A – $229,500 2nd: Alex Foxen ‘bigfox86’- U.S.A – $148,750 3rd: Dan Shak – U.S.A – $106,250 4th: Jesse Lonis ‘Dangerous22’ – U.S.A – $76,500 5th: Daniel Weinand – Canada – $59,500 6th: Brock Wilson ‘HelloMyMan’– U.S.A – $42,500 7th: Daniel Negreanu ‘Dnegs’, ‘KidPoker’ – Canada – $34,000

🔍 Hand 1 Preflop: With blinds at 75,000/150,000 and a 150,000 big blind ante, Alex Foxen is first to act on the button, or small blind in heads-up play. He opens to 375,000 with K9 of clubs. Jonathan Little looks down at AQo in the big blind and raises to 4,050,000, which is enough to put Foxen all-in. Foxen folds his suited king, and Little drags in the pot uncontested.

🔍 Hand 2 Preflop: The blinds are now 100,000/200,000 with a 200,000 big blind ante. Jonathan Little starts by raising from the button to 2,475,000 with KTo. The raise is enough to put Alex Foxen all-in. He looks down at K2o and calls to put his tournament life at risk.

💸 Flop – 8c 7d 6s: The connected flop is great for Little, who picks up a gutshot straight draw. Foxen needs to hit a deuce or some kind of running board pair to split the pot and stay alive in the tournament.

💣 Turn – 8s: A board-pairing 8 of spades on the turn means that Foxen can chop the pot with a seven or six on the river. Little, on the other hand, will be hoping that one of these cards or a deuce doesn’t come, so that he can lift the trophy and take home the lion’s share of the prize pool.

🌊 River – Want to find out if Little manages to hold with his king-high and win this PokerGO Cup event? Then stay tuned to the end of this poker video!

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