WPH #511: WHAT Is He DOING???? [HUGE Blunder!]

Have you ever made a mistake at the poker table that haunted you forever? Well, I doubt that mistake cost you over $100,000! In this poker hand from the Hustler Casino live stream, J.R. and Hanks found themselves in a massive all-in pot preflop, and Hanks made an outrageous mistake that you will not believe!

Generally, when there is significant preflop action in front of you, like an early position open and a 3-bet, and you are holding a medium pocket pair, you must be very selective with your 4-bet all-in range. Even if you think the opener is loose, the 3-bettor will generally be strong and will only call you when you are crushed, so folding could be the better option.

Hustler Casino Live is a full-scale, high-value poker production. Close to a million dollars was spent transforming the casino’s high-limit poker room, the Crystal Room, into the set of this new state-of-the-art live show. Hustler Casino Live looks more like coverage of a TV broadcast sporting event and appeals to those beyond the poker community. Unscripted and unedited, they host regular poker streams such as ‘Max Pain Monday’ and ‘Thirsty Thursday’. Some of the most notable poker players to have appeared on the show are Phil Ivey ‘The Tiger Woods of Poker’ ‘RaiseOnce’, Tom Dwan ’durrrr’, Phil Hellmuth ‘The Poker Brat’, Chris Moneymaker, Doug Polk ‘WCGRider, Garrett Adelstein ‘Gman’, Tony Guoga ‘Tony G’ and many more.

This 24-hour poker stream took place on 1st December 2023 and aimed to be the first-ever 24-hour cash game live stream. Blinds started at $100/$200 with a $200 big blind ante but with straddles. Action was driven and stakes were raised with popular formats such as the stand-up game and the 72o game being played throughout the stream. This high stakes poker game featured players such as J.R., Matt Hanks, Nik Airball, Alan Keating, Brandon Stevens, Charles Yu, Professor, Andy Tsai ‘Andy Stacks’, Sashimi, Santosh Suvarna, Jboogs, Jibrael, Stanley Tang, Pennzoil Don, Pepe, and Mo.

No player played poker for the entire 24 hours, but Hanks played for the most at 19 hours, then Alan Keating with 16.5 hours closely followed by Nik Airball with 15.5 hours.

🔍 Charles raises to $6,000 from the hijack with A5o and faces a 3-bet to $18,000 by J.R. in the cutoff with pocket tens. Next to act on the button is Hanks who chooses to 4-bet rip his entire stack of $110,200 all-in with pocket nines. After the blinds and Charles fold, J.R. makes the call. The two high-stakes cash game poker players agree to run the board out twice, and what happens after the runouts will make your jaw drop.

You would be crazy to miss the outcome of this hand, so watch the entire poker video now!

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