WPH #509: He QUITS After Nik Airball Does THIS!

Nik Airball could have his own highlight reel with his crazy plays, big pots, and outlandish celebrations. In this hand on Hustler Casino Live, Nik decides to blast away in the penultimate hand of the night against Pepe, who was already down over $300,000. How do you think this will go?

When deciding to raise from out of position against limpers, it’s advised to have a linear range. A linear range is one that contains strong, medium-strength and weak hands. It is also often referred to as a merged or condensed range. This means raising strong hands and those that could connect well with the flop, like broadways and suited connectors. Since opponents in position are likely to call, choosing hands that will have good board coverage is important to keep your range balanced.

Nik Airball is an investment banker and an amateur poker player, he occasionally plays at The Lodge Card Club but mainly plays on the Hustler Casino Live poker stream. He will play any stakes, and is often involved in heated table talk with the other poker players. Nik Airball is almost fluent in Mandarin, engaging in table talk with many Mandarin-speaking poker players. He often voices his strong opinions about current trends, topics and scandals in the poker world on social media and poker podcasts.

Pepe is introduced as a music producer and has appeared a few times on the poker stream playing up to $200/$400.

Hustler Casino Live is a full-scale, high-value poker production. Close to a million dollars was spent transforming the casino’s high-limit poker room, the Crystal Room, into the set of this new state-of-the-art live show. Hustler Casino Live looks more like coverage of a TV broadcast sporting event and appeals to those beyond the poker community. Unscripted and unedited, they host regular poker streams such as ‘Max Pain Monday’ and ‘Thirsty Thursday’. Some of the most notable poker players to have appeared on the show are Phil Ivey ‘The Tiger Woods of Poker’ ‘RaiseOnce’, Tom Dwan ’durrrr’, Phil Hellmuth ‘The Poker Brat’, Chris Moneymaker, Doug Polk ‘WCGRider, Garrett Adelstein ‘Gman’, Tony Guoga ‘Tony G’ and many more.

🔍Preflop: With the $400 straddle on, Pepe kicks off the action with a limp from the cutoff with Q9 of diamonds. Raymond calls from the big blind with pocket sevens, while French poker vlogger Yoh Viral calls from the third blind with 87o. Nik Airball decides to raise to $3,000 with T9o from the under-the-gun straddle. Pepe calls the raise with his suited two-gapper, and Raymond calls with his medium pocket pair. Yoh Viral folds, and they head to the flop three-way.

💸Flop – Ks Qc 2s: It’s a terrible flop for Raymond’s pocket sevens as two broadway overcards appear. After Raymond checks, Nik Airball fires out a continuation bet for $6,000 with his gutshot straight draw. Pepe calls with his second pair before Raymond correctly throws his cards into the muck, and they now head to the turn heads-up.

💣Turn – 3h: The 3 of hearts on the turn doesn’t bring in the flush or any straight draws. It also does not improve Nik Airball’s poker hand, but that doesn’t slow him down as he keeps up the aggression and fires an overbet of $30,000. The turn does not change Pepe’s pair of queens either, but his intuition is correct as he throws out the call to see a river card.

🌊River – 4s: The river is the 4 of spades, bringing in the front door flush. Nik Airball totally whiffs his gutshot straight and is left with just ten-high and a flush blocker. He isn’t going to give up; instead, he announces all in for the rest of Pepe’s $146,875, another massive overbet compared to the size of the pot. Pepe agonizes over this tough decision with just second pair against a hyper aggressive poker player. What does he eventually do? You’ll have to watch this poker video to find out if he calls or folds!

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