WPH #504: He Said “I CALL” & FOLDED! [Brad Owen Is SHOCKED!]

Nobody likes to feel like they have been angled or hustled at the poker table, including poker vlogger Brad Owen. In this crazy hand, Brad’s opponent leaves his fate up to the flip of a coin! But might a careful choice of words have been a cunning way to trick the poker pro? You decide!

When playing deep stacked cash games and you have a draw to the nuts, you generally do not want to fold, even when facing a huge bet that may not give you the correct odds to continue. If stacks are deep enough and you are playing against a loose opponent you will have great implied odds to double up should you hit your draw.

Brad Owen is a World Poker Tour (WPT) ambassador and co-owner of The Lodge Card Club in Texas, he is a very successful YouTube poker vlogger with over 715,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel has had over 174,000,000 views. Primarily a cash game player Brad has started playing more poker tournaments since the start of 2022. His lifetime total live tournament winnings are over $790,000. His biggest cash for $152,266 came in December 2023 when he finished 7th in the $50,000 WPT Alpha8, during the WPT World Championship at the Wynn, Las Vegas.

The Bellagio poker room is a stylish 7,000 square feet space that houses 40 tables and two high-limit areas, the most prominent of which is the Legends Room – an exclusive two-table enclave named to honor poker’s greatest players. This room was previously known as Bobby’s room, named after the legendary poker player Bobby Baldwin.

🔍 Pre-Flop Action

With blinds at $5/$10, Brad Owen raises to $30 from middle position with K8 of spades. Both the small blind and big blind choose to call, resulting in three players heading to the flop.

💸 Flop – As Th 2s

Both blinds check to Brad, who has flopped the nut flush draw, he fires out a standard continuation bet of $50. The small blind now reaches for chips and throws out a check-raise to $200. After the big blind folds Brad decides to call with his nut flush draw.

💣 Turn – 3h

The 3 of hearts on the turn isn’t a spade that Brad was looking for. The small blind continues his story, putting out a nearly pot-sized bet of $400. Brad, who still thinks he has the correct implied odds, makes the call, hoping to river a flush.

🌊 River – Js

The river jack of spades completes Brad’s king-high flush, giving him the nuts. Now, the small blind decides to slow down and check. Brad, after some deliberation, decides to bet $1,200. Will the small blind make the call? He resorts to flipping a coin to determine the fate of his $1,200. But was this a ploy to angle Brad & try to get more information? Watch this poker video to find out and make your own decision!

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