WPH #502: She HUMILIATES Phil Hellmuth & JY!

Arden Cho, a model, singer, and Netflix star, is no stranger to the spotlight! This time she’s taking her acting skills to new heights as she attempts to pull off an audacious bluff against poker professionals Phil Hellmuth and Justin Young on PokerGo’s No Gamble, No Future!

When 3-betting preflop you should have some bluffs such as suited connectors. This will help balance your range and give you better board coverage on many flops. If you decide to only 3-bet broadway cards then you are lacking a clear nut advantage on any flops that do not contain a high card!

Phil Hellmuth ‘The Poker Brat’ has over $29,000,000 in live tournament earnings putting him in the top 25 on the all time money list and has 17 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets which is currently the most that any poker player has won! Hellmuth is also well known for his antics and outbursts at the poker table.

Arden Lim Cho is a 38 year old American actress, singer, and model known for portraying Kira Yukimura in the 2011 MTV television series Teen Wolf and Ingrid Yun in the 2022 Netflix television series Partner Track.

Justin Young is an American professional poker player and has over $6,400,000 in live tournament earnings. His largest cash of $936,760 came in the $10,000 2008 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Las Vegas where he came 2nd. He runs the very popular poker podcast called ‘Table 1’ where they talk about poker, gambling, and all manner of life experiences as a professional poker player on and off the felt. Some of the guests on the show have been Jonathan Little, Matt Valeo, Ron Coury, Shannon Shorr, Jesse Sylvia, Len Ashby, and Chino Rheem.

No Gamble, No Future is an American poker television program that airs on PokerGO, and premiered on August 1, 2022. The poker show provides cash game-focused entertainment with a variety of stakes and poker players. It has featured players such as Phil Hellmuth ‘The Poker Brat’, Andrew Robl ‘good2cu’, Eric Persson, Patrick Antonius ‘The Finn’, Matt Berkey, Nik Airball and Daniel Negreanu ‘DNegs’ “KidPoker’.

🔍 Pre-Flop Action:

Justin Young raises to $300 with pocket jacks from under the gun; he gets called by Phil Hellmuth in the hijack with A3 of hearts before Arden Cho 3-bets to $1,300 holding 87 of diamonds. The blinds fold before both Young and Hellmuth make the call to see a flop.

💸 Flop – Ts 5d 4d

The flop comes T-high with two diamonds. Young checks his overpair to Hellmuth, who follows suit and checks his gutshot straight draw and backdoor flush draw. Cho, with an 8-high flush draw also has a gutshot straight draw to a straight flush. She continues the aggression by betting $1,500.This doesn’t deter Young or Hellmuth as they both make the call as all three of them head to the turn.

💣 Turn – 5h

A board pairing 5 of hearts sees Young lead out with a donk-bet of $3,500 into the two opponents with his overpair. Hellmuth throws his cards into the muck, while Cho carves out the call with her combo draw.

🌊 River – 7c

The river is the 7 of clubs bringing in a few unlikely straights, but Young is not scared with his pocket jiggities. He bets again to the tune of $5,000. Cho may have missed her gutshot straight flush draw, but she has paired her 7 to give her second pair. So what should she do? Fold or call? Oh wait, doesn’t she have a third option? You’ll have to watch this insane poker video to find out what option she decides to take!

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