WPH #496: ROYAL FLUSH For Rampage Poker!!!!!!

Have you ever hit a royal flush? Not everyone has, but in a recent cash game in Las Vegas, Rampage hit the best hand in poker during a bomb pot. The popular poker vlogger even caught the huge pot on camera!

When you are in a position where your opponents are unlikely to have a super strong hand, it might be a good time to use a small bet size. This allows you to sneak out a little extra value from weak poker hands that would fold to a big bet. Simultaneously, you give some stronger hands and bluffs a chance to raise and re-open the action.

Ethan Yau, a.k.a Rampage, is a popular YouTuber and poker player. He has over 267,000 subscribers on YouTube and has won over $2,100,000 in tournament earnings, including a $900,000 win in a December 2022 World Poker Tour (WPT) High Roller at the Wynn.

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🔍 Pre-flop:

In this $10 bomb pot all 8 poker players go to the flop with Rampage holding AQ suited.

💸 Flop – Jd 5d 5c

With 8 players in this poker hand. The big blind decides to check prompting under the gun +2 to fire out a bet of $45 from early position. Action folds to Rampage who decides to make the call with his nut flush draw & two overcards. The big blind also wants to continue and makes the call.

💣 Turn – Kd

The turn completes the flush. The big blind checks once more but this doesn’t slow down UTG+2 who continues for a much healthier bet of $125. Rampage now has the nut flush with a draw to the ultimate royal flush! The big blind also makes the call.

🌊 River – Td

What a river card for Rampage who has now hit the best hand in poker – the royal flush! Both players check over to Rampage who, with a royal flush decides to use a small bet size of $120 to try and induce a raise from his opponents. What happens next will blow your mind, watch this poker video to find out what happens!

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