WPH #494: Brad Owen BLASTS OFF With 72o!

Popular poker vlogger Brad Owen finds himself playing in a high stakes cash game and the 72o game is on! If he wins a hand with 72o then every player has to pay him $200 which is a huge $1400. Can Brad find a way to win with the worst hand in poker??

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Brad Owen is a WPT ambassador and co-owner of The Lodge Card Club in Texas, he is a very successful YouTube poker vlogger with over 700,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel has had over 172,000,000 views. Primarily a cash game player Brad has started playing more tournaments since the start of 2022, his lifetime total live tournament winnings is over $480,000. His biggest cash for $125,000 came in May 2023 when he came 4th in the $5,250 WPT Main Event in Los Angeles.

Ivey’s Room, located at Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, was established in 2010. Named after the legendary poker pro Phil Ivey, the high-stakes poker room quickly gained a reputation as a hotspot for professional and high-stakes players. Over the years, it hosted some of the most intense poker action in Las Vegas, attracting renowned players. In 2019, the room underwent renovations and rebranding as “Table 1.” Although no longer carrying Phil Ivey’s name, it remains a prominent venue for high-stakes poker and exclusive gaming experiences. Today, Table 1 at Aria continues to offer a luxurious and private poker setting for players seeking top-level competition and service in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

🔥 Brace yourselves for jaw-dropping action at the Aria Hotel & Casino’s legendary Table 1 in Las Vegas! In this $25/$50 cash game, poker sensation & popular vlogger Brad Owen unleashes an audacious play with the infamous 72o, the worst starting hand in poker.

🎉 The 7-2 Game: It is important to note that this table is playing the 7-2 game. Any player that wins with this hand and opts to show the table will collect a $200 bounty from each player, this creates extremely fun dynamics at the table as players will play extremely aggressively with this hand rather than just making the standard fold preflop!

🃏 Preflop: Brad Owen opens the action under the gun with a raise to $200 with the not so beautiful 72o. In an ideal situation everyone would just fold preflop for him to collect the easiest $1,400 of his life, but alas in a high stakes poker game that rarely happens and in this case he picks up two callers from the cutoff and button.

🔥 Flop – Qc 6d 3c: It’s very unlikely you will hit a good flop when holding the 72o and that is no different here as Brad flops absolutely nothing. This doesn’t slow him down though as he has his eyes on the $1,400 jackpot. He continues his story with a half pot bet of $400. That forces the cutoff to fold but unfortunately for Brad the button decides to stick around for the turn card.

💪 Turn – 8h: Brad Owen now only has to get through one player and continues betting this time for just over 2/3 pot as he fires $1,110 into the $1,575 pot. His prayers are not answered as the button calls once more.

🚀 River – 5s: The river provides some promise for Brad as he now has a card that blocks some straights. He decides to fire the third barrel and opts for a $1,700 bet. Will his opponent fold so that Brad can triumphantly reveal the 7-2 bluff and collect the $1,400 prize from his opponents? Watch this poker video to find out!

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