WPH #482: The Most PAINFUL Poker Decision

In this poker hand, we explore a pivotal moment that unfolded in a Cash Game with a jaw-dropping buy-in of $200,000! The blinds stand at a staggering $500/$1,000, with a hefty $1,500 Big Blind Ante. It’s a scenario that pushes the boundaries of poker strategy and decision-making, and it all centers around the question – when should you fold pocket aces?

Get ready to dissect each street of this extraordinary hand, starting from the pre-flop fireworks to the suspenseful turn decision. Join Jonathan Little in unravelling the thought processes, strategies, and psychology behind one of the most daring and captivating moves in the world of poker. Was it a spectacular fold or a massive blunder? Let’s find out!

🃏 Hand Highlights: The action kicks off as Tony G (UTG) raises to $3,000 with A♥Q♠, Jiang (UTG+1) calls with Q♦T♦, as do Danny Tang & Tan Xuan. Wai Kin Yong (BTN) wakes up with pocket aces and makes a sizable raise to $18,000! Warick Mirzikinian (BB) opts to call with pocket nines, and the action comes back to Tony G (UTG), who also calls. Jiang (UTG+1) chooses to call, while Tang (HJ) and Xuan (CO) decide to fold.

Pot – $80,000

💥 Flop: The flop brings Q♣ T♣ 6♦, creating an interesting dynamic with potential draws and top pairs. Warwick (BB) checks, Tony G (UTG) checks, and Jiang (UTG+1) checks. Wai Kin Yong (BTN) seizes the opportunity and bets $35,000. Warwick(BB) decides to fold, and Tony G (UTG) calls. Jiang (UTG+1) then makes a raise to $130,000.!Yong (BTN) calls, and Tony G (UTG) folds, leaving two players in the hand.

Pot – $375,000

🔥 Turn: The turn card reveals J♠. Jiang (UTG+1) doesn’t hesitate and bets $229,000 all-in, committing his entire stack! Wai Kin Yong (BTN) faces a significant decision, can he fold the unfoldable?

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