#highstakespoker #pokerstrategy #hustlercasinolive When a poker hand has Garrett Adelstein involved you know that it’s going to be a fun watch. In this hand from the Hustler Casino Live stream you will see an epic tale of twists and turns as Garrett battles against French professional Gal, in a $180,000 pot!

Jonathan discusses how you should always fast play your strong value hands against opponent’s that do not like to fold. In deep stacked cash games make sure you raise frequently and on early streets to start building a pot to try and stack your opponents. If you are playing in shallower stacked tournaments you can opt to slow play at a higher frequency as you will still have plenty of opportunity to get all of the money in by the river.

Jonathan talks about overbet sizes and how you can often use a larger overbet size and still get calls from opponent’s that would have called the smaller overbet size. Size up slightly with value when you expect to get called a lot!

With a hand as strong as Gal’s he should be looking to keep Garrett’s range as wide as possible by just calling when facing the large bets. He does not want to raise which will force worse hands to fold and only hands that are beating his will continue.

Garrett Adelstein is known for his fearless aggression at the poker table. Does his opponent Gal Yifrach really consider folding on the river? What do you think? It feels like he would potentially fold any river that doesn’t give him a full house.

Garrett ‘GMan Poker’ Adelstein is a professional poker player from America, he is a regular at the Hustler Casino playing on the live stream and he is known to always have the biggest stack to cover every player at the poker table. Garrett has not played on any live stream since the J4 hand against Robbi back in October 2022.

Gal Yifrach is a professional poker player from America, he has 1 WSOP bracelet and over $2,000,000 in live tournament earnings and he has become a regular on this high stakes cash game stream.

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#hustlercasinolive #highstakespoker #pokerstrategy