WPH #466: Phil IVEY With A RARE Mistake [$123,000 BLUNDER!]

This is the clash of titans that we’ve all been waiting for! Poker legend Phil Ivey found himself heads up in a hand against the famous newcomer Eric Persson.

Jonathan discusses how you should always be aware of your opponents tendencies. If they are a loose aggressive player then you should play more cautiously with hands that cannot continue vs a raise but will still have good equity.

If you know that your opponent likes to bluff you should try and pot control with your hands that have good showdown equity and let them bluff into you. Floating with ace high on the turn is completely reasonable from Ivey as Persson is likely to overbluff in certain situations.

Jonathan is a big fan of the large size that Persson uses on the river as there are a lot of poker hands in Ivey’s range that might decide to look him up.

The hand starts with poker legend Phil Ivey raising to $5,400 on the button with AQs. Eric Persson decides to defend his straddle with J5s and they both head to the flop. The flop comes Js 7h 6c and Eric checks to the aggressor with his top pair. Ivey wisely decides to check behind with his two overcards and backdoor flush draw. The turn brings the 4h and now Eric also has an open-ended straight draw & flush draw to go with his top pair. He now takes the initiative and decides to bet $7,600 into the $12,600 pot. Ivey decides to call. Heading to the river there is $27,800 in the pot as the ten of hearts lands. Persson now decides to bet using a huge size of $29,600 with his flush. Ivey senses weakness and decides to raise to $110,000. Unfortunately for him his read was wrong as Eric was going nowhere and makes the call to win a huge $248,000 pot!

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