WPH #456: $550,000 Pot In This HIGH STAKES Poker Grudge Match!

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Jaman ‘The Drawing Dead’ Burton is one of my favorite poker vloggers and in this hand from the Bellagio Poker room in Las Vegas he decides to get completely out of line as he decides to try to bluff his opponent with just 5-high! Both Jonathan and Jaman give their advice on how they manage to pull off successful bluffs and they both have very different techniques, which is your favorite?

On flops that do not have very obvious draws you have to try and find draws that still have good equity. A gutshot and a backdoor flush draw is a perfect candidate to use as part of your bluffing range which is exactly what Jaman does in this hand on the flop after the pot is limped preflop and there has been no aggressive action so far.

It is important that during a poker hand you are trying to narrow your opponent’s range of hands. Jaman received some information preflop as the small blind nor the straddle decided to raise which means they are less likely to have an ace in their range.

When you are bluffing and you pick up equity on the turn you should generally continue to barrel, especially if the turn card could potentially help your range more than your opponent’s.

In this poker hand history, the hand starts with under the gun straddling. It folds to Villain 1 who calls from the small blind, Jaman completes his option, and Villain 2 checks from the UTG. Heading to the flop, the community cards reveal Ad 6h 2c. Villain 1 checks, and Jaman decides to bet $20, which prompts under the gun to call and the small blind gets out of the way. The turn card is Kc, and Jaman decides to slow down and check behind after the small blind checks. On the river, an 8d appears, and Jaman bets around half pot with just 5 high which forces a fold from the small blind and Jaman drags in the $100 pot.

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