WPH #446: Brad Owen Gets OUT OF LINE & DESTROYS This Poker Player!

Popular poker vlogger Brad Owen finds himself in a dream spot in the Bellagio poker room whilst playing $5/$10 as he flops a flush against a splashy recreational poker player. Can he find a way to get max value?

Jonathan discusses what you should think about when deciding to isolate pre-flop against players that like to limp. He also discusses that a Game Theory Optimal (GTO) approach prefers to use a small bet size on monotone flops (flops that are all one suit). When players use a larger bet size you should be much tighter in the range that you decide to call and continue with.

Jonathan talks about a mistake that a lot of poker players make which is attempting to put their opponent’s on a very specific hand rather than a range of hands. Don’t be this type of poker player!

The hand starts with a limp from the under the gun recreational player. Brad Owen decides to raise on the button to isolate his opponent with a speculative 85hh. The big blind cold calls and under the gun decides to call as well. The flop is one that we dream of as it comes KQT all hearts giving Brad a flopped flush. Brad continues using a large bet size and the recreational player calls. The turn is a brick 2d and Brad continues using a large size which the recreational poker player calls. The river is a clean 7s and Brad shoves all in for a pot sized bet. Will he get maximum value from the recreational?

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