WPH #445: How To READ When Your OPPONENT Is WEAK With Jaman Burton!

In this weekly poker hand Jonathan reviews a spot that Jaman ‘The Drawing Dead’ Burton found himself in at the Bellagio poker room in Las Vegas whilst playing a $5/$10/$20 cash game.

Remember that when you are playing in a game that has a straddle that the stack sizes in big blinds are essentially divided in half. Make sure that you adjust your ranges and poker strategy accordingly!

When you are looking to isolate preflop with a raise you should look to use a larger size when you are out of position. This will hurt the implied odds of many suited connectors as the stack to pot ratio will decrease which helps give you a small advantage as you are playing out of position.

Jonathan discusses the questions you should be asking yourself when deciding on the optimal bet size in any given situation at the poker table. An exploitative strategy against recreational poker players is to size up with your value hands as they will tend to continue with the exact same range regardless of bet size (within reason!)

Jaman Burton faces a raise on the flop after he has isolated preflop with pocket queens. Both Jaman and Jonathan discuss what range of poker hands would potentially be doing this. Jonathan suggests that sets should not be raising as they are unlikely to be outdrawn on this board considering Jaman’s raise preflop which narrows his range to strong overcards and overpairs.

Jonathan’s read on the turn is that Jaman’s opponent is trying to look as strong as he can by jamming all in very quickly after Jaman decides to check. Most of the time when opponents are doing this Jonathan believes that they are bluffing!

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