WPH #434: When To TRIPLE BARREL BLUFF [Poker Strategy With Matt Affleck]

This Weekly Poker Hand features PokerCoaching.com coach Matt Affleck who is deep in a World Series of Poker event.

This poker hand took place in the WSOP – Millionaire Maker with less than 100 players left and over $1,000,000 for 1st! Matt finds himself heads-up against a British poker professional – Nick Marchington. Nick made the final table of the WSOP Main Event so he is certainly capable and is known to be a very strong poker player.

The hand starts with Affleck raising from the lojack and Marchington defending the big blind. The paired flop creates an interesting discussion point over range advantage and how best to proceed on these types of flops as the pre-flop aggressor. We also discuss the merits of geometric bet sizing and when best to use this type of betting.

It is important to note when playing any poker hand – who is your opponent and what do you presume their skill level to be? This will help you determine what types of hands they will choose to play which allows you to narrow their range and proceed accordingly.

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