WPH #432: How To Beat AGGRESSIVE Recreational Poker Players!

James Romero is one of the best poker tournament players in the world and here we discuss a hand that he played during the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

This poker hand took place during a $3,000 6-max event. The villain in the hand is described by James as an aggro whale which means they are extremely aggressive and not necessarily very good!

Together we share some great tips to beat recreational poker players. You should start by quantifying what exactly the biggest mistakes or leaks that these players have. This will give you a good foundation to formulate a poker strategy that you can use to maximally exploit them.

James starts the hand by raising preflop with AJo from the LJ and the villain in the big blind defends. James makes a well thought through check back on the flop as he believes that this opponent will start to bluff too frequently on most turns and rivers. Does the recreational player fall right into his trap?

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