WPH #423: Tom DWAN Is BACK [CRAZY High Stakes Poker BLUFF!]

Tom Dwan has recently been gracing our screens again as he is battling it out in more high stakes cash games!

In this hand there is a $10,000 bounty from each player if you can win the poker hand with 72o. Well if you give Tom Dwan 72o you just know he is going to run a huge poker bluff to try and win a massive pot.

On the other side of this poker hand is what makes this whole hand absolutely incredible. Rui Cao has just 87o and only has eight high! Who will win this massive $650,000 high stakes poker pot.

He says he was going to call Tom Dwan had Tom shoved the river, do you think this is true? Had he made a sick live read that Tom Dwan was just trying to win the $10,000 bounty? Let me know in the comments below!

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand series. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!

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