WPH #422: YOUNG Poker Player OWNED In Texas?!

Rosey from NextGenPoker finds himself in a battle against a very aggressive opponent who has (so far) been running over everyone at the poker table.

When playing around 150bb effective in a cash game you do not often want to be 4 betting in position with non premium hands as it allows your opponent to shove on you.

I see many of my students making big blunders on monotone flops (all of the same suit) so if this is you then be sure to watch this video to help improve your poker win rate!

Always be aware of your opponents and adjust your poker strategy depending on their tendencies. If you have an opponent that is extremely loose and aggressive then be sure to let them bluff into you!

Thank you to the Next Gen Poker guys for allowing me to use their footage from this poker vlog. Check out their brilliant poker channel here: https://youtube.com/nextgenpoker

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!

You can find all of the hands I have covered in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMYHGfD_v6wuhY9I-bGOYySMWuGBJJEAy

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