WPH #420: ACES vs KINGS For $456,700!!!

When pocket aces are up against pocket kings you know a huge pot is going to brew, especially when you are playing over 275 big blinds deep!

This huge cash game poker hand took place on the Hustler Casino Live stream where the players were playing extremely high stakes cash game poker with the blinds at $100/$200/$400/$800!

Make sure you are 3-betting with your strongest hands especially when playing deep stacked poker, do not get tricky and trappy before the flop.

It is hard when you run into such a cooler to not become too results oriented in poker. Try to analyze the decisions you make rather than the outcome of individual poker hands.

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/HustlerCasinoLive

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