WPH #412: Pocket KINGS Facing An OVERBET With Johnnie Vibes

Johnnie Vibes has pocket kings and faces a large overbet on the turn in this cash game at the Hideaway Poker Club in Texas. His opponent announces at the beginning of the hand that he wants to ‘make the vlog!’ Could this be a tell of a huge incoming bluff?

When you have an overpair to the board it should mostly be a beautiful feeling. What about when you are facing an almost 2x pot shove on the turn? Vibes correctly identifies the strength of his opponent’s hand and makes a great fold.

I talk about the adjustments you should be making when playing in deepstacked live cash games. I also discuss button straddles and how they can affect the way the game plays; remember that position is king!

Johnnie Vibes is a poker vlogger who plays in various cash games throughout the US. In this vlog he visits Texas and the Hideaway Poker Club to see whether texas poker is as wild as it seems!

Thank you to Johnnie Vibes for allowing me to use the footage from this poker vlog. Check out his brilliant poker channel here: https://youtube.com/johnnievibes

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