WPH #408: Pocket ACES Facing An OVERBET For Lex O Poker

There is no sweeter feeling in poker than to be dealt pocket aces when playing in a deep stacked cash game! This is exactly the situation that poker vlogger Lex O poker finds himself in playing at the Wynn Poker Room in Las Vegas.

What makes this poker cash game hand even more exciting is that he faces a preflop 3bet from a villain who then decides to call his 4bet. There is already $1,000 (100 big blinds) in the pot heading to the flop!

It is always important to recognize who your opponent is at the table and adjust your poker strategy accordingly. Are they a poker professional or a recreational poker player?

Remember to realize that some portion of the time your opponents will look to bluff you off hands when you decide to play more passively postflop.