Why Do PROS Leave 1bb Behind? [Tournament Strategy]

Why do these tournament pros always leave 1 big blind behind when they go all-in? The answer is actually VERY SIMPLE!

PokerCoaching coach & founder Jonathan Little breaks down the importance of leaving chips behind when running deep in a poker tournament, and the ICM implications involved in deciding whether to shove, or to leave 1bb behind!

Jonathan tells you to ensure you are analyzing the remaining field of players in your tournaments (especially in the later stages), and considering what the impact is for both gaining, and losing chips amongst that field. He reviews the strategies and situations that you should be leaving chips behind, and provides tips around both basic tournament principles as well as specific scenarios and examples!

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0:00 – Why You Should Not Go All-in On The Final Table 1:18 – When To Keep Back 1bb When Going All-in 3:17 – Preflop – When To Keep 1bb Behind 7:04 – Postflop – When To Keep 1bb Behind 8:20 – When You Want To Leave 1bb Behind – Example 11:10 – Pay Attention To The Chip Stacks 12:57 – When To Keep Back 1bb When Going All-in

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