Here are the products I either am involved with or use on a regular basis. Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission when you click on them. If you enjoy my site, I would greatly appreciate it if you could use the links. Thank you!


I have produced numerous poker training videos and webinars throughout the last few years. Topics range from winning $317,000 in an online tournament to increasing your levels of aggression in order to crush your opponents to group coaching sessions that are tailored to each specific student. No matter your skill level or bankroll, I am confident you can learn a ton about poker from these exclusive training products. is my new interactive poker training site. It features hand quizzes where I explain why each option is right or wrong, a monthly in-depth homework question, and a monthly webinar where I personally review every student’s homework answers. Also, the Inner Circle offers even more one-on-one poker coaching through a least four office hours each month where you can get on the line and discuss your poker problems with me. Check out this video demonstrating that shows you everything the basic membership package offers. 


Get my audiobooks for FREE! I recently spent a ton of time recording the audiobook version of nine of my best-selling books in a super hi-tech sound studio. It was a long, awesome experience. I learned to read out loud pretty well! Seeing how you can get two of my audiobooks for FREE, you have no reason not to give them a listen! With any luck, my voice will not put you to sleep. I hope you enjoy them.


I wear 3bet clothing whenever I play poker. The clothes are super comfortable. Players who also wear 3bet clothes on a regular basis include  Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandari, Brian Rast, Scott Clements, Joseph Choeng, and many more. Most of the clothing has been designed by the poker pros.

clp_watermark_lg is a poker training site designed using live poker footage instead of primarily online hand histories. I make a monthly video for their series Crush Live Poker Tournaments. If you play live poker, I suggest you sign up for a FREE one-month membership. Be sure to use promo code JLA304. You will not be disappointed.

Advanced Poker Training logo offers numerous interactive poker quizzes that actively teach you to improve your game. I recently made a series of interactive quizzes for them discussing how I play sit n’ go tournaments. You can test your skills against various intelligent bots and see if you do can better than the pros.


Eventually, all tournaments devolve into a push or fold game. If you know how to play these situations perfectly, you will crush your opponents in the long run. Fortunately, ICMizer will teach you these skills. In addition to being a robust ICM calculator, ICMizer offers an amazingly useful SNG Coach feature that will pinpoint your weaknesses so you can practice the things you do not know. If you play tournaments, I strongly suggest you give ICMizer a try. Click here to see a video of me using the SNG coach feature. Let me know how you do when you give it a try!

I recently started using PokerSnowie, a poker program that aims to teach you to play fundamentally sound no-limit hold’em and I am really happy with the results. During my first hour of play with PokerSnowie, I plugged two leaks that I didn’t even know I had. I was playing too many small pairs from early position and 4-betting a bit too often. Click here to watch the video of me finding these leaks using PokerSnowie.I strongly suggest you find your leaks by trying the program for FREE for a 10-day here: PokerSnowie.


I have used Hold’em Manager to track my online play ever since the program came out many years ago. Even though the games have evolved significantly over the last 10 years, Hold’em Manager has always been my go-to analytic tool that is constantly running. This is the program that puts all of the stats on your screen that will allow you to play numerous tables with ease. If you are playing online poker without Hold’em Manager, you simply are not doing it right.

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Looking for backing for online poker? I am now part of one of the worlds largest and most successful stables, PocarrApply here to take your career to the next level. With world class coaching and all the resources required to enhance your game, moving up in stakes and reaching your poker goals is just one click away. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

InstaPoker is a poker quiz app for your mobile device that allows you to test you skills and see if you are capable of making the same plays as world class professionals such as myself, Antonio Esfandari, Huck Seed, and Dan O’ Brein. I have lots of hand packs available that will keep you studying for a long time.