How To EXPLOIT Your OPPONENTS To WIN At Poker! 12-12-2022

The best poker players in the world excel at identifying their opponent’s mistakes and exploiting them for maximum profit. Long before GTO was around, exploitative poker was the root of all poker strategy for poker tournaments and cash games. If you can find a game with plenty of bad poker players, knowing how to exploit their mistakes will take you far.

Today, I will be discussing how to best exploit your opponents and start winning whether you play low stakes or high stakes poker. Considering what your opponents do wrong and knowing how to take advantage will help you grow your poker bankroll over time. Do you struggle knowing what to do against splashy opponents that bluff too much? How about overly tight poker players that only play pocket aces? Regardless of who you are facing on the felt, if you are well studied in exploitative poker strategy you will crush!

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