WPH #464: Brad Owen SCHOOLS This Amateur Poker Player!

Popular poker vlogger Brad Owen finds himself firing a 3 barrel bluff in this exciting poker hand from the Lodge Card Club. Will he get it through?

Jonathan discusses the merit of using certain poker hands to use as bluffs. Generally these are hands that have the opportunity to improve on future streets. He also talks about how you should be more cautious to raise with low valued draws when playing in extremely deep stacked cash games. If you end up getting a lot of action you are often going to be up against better draws that have you crushed. Jonathan would have preferred a slightly smaller turn bet size from Brad to set up for a larger river shove.

Brad Owen is a WPT ambassador and co-owner of The Lodge Card Club in Texas, he is a very successful YouTube poker vlogger for a few years having over 665,000 subscribers. Primarily a cash game player Brad has started playing more tournaments since the start of 2022, earning around $250,000 in cashes whilst his lifetime total live tournament winnings is only $298,000. His biggest cash of $99,000 came in December 2022 at the Wynn, Las Vegas in the $10,400 WPT Championship.

Ez is an American amateur poker player who plays at The Lodge occasionally but is willing to play all stakes from $2/$5 up to $200/$400 on the live poker stream.

They are playing the ‘nit game’ here (shown by the red buttons in front of the players still remaining in the game). It has the same rules as the well-known stand-up game where the last player to lose their nit button has to pay a fee to each player at the table. Brad, Big Tony and Ez still have their nit buttons in front of them in this poker hand.

This poker hand took place during a Lodge Live stream in Austin, Texas. Big Tony in under-the-gun +1 kicks off the action with a raise to $600 holding Q9cc. Brad Owen with AQo decides to 3bet to $3,000. EZ decides to cold call from the cutoff with 86dd and Big Tony decides to defend his initial raise. With $6,450 in the pot the flop brings Jd 6h 2d and Big Tony checks. Brad continues his aggression with a bet of $2,500 and Ez calls with his pair and flush draw. With the pot at $11,450 the turn reveals the Kc. Brad continues bluffing on a card that is great for his range by firing $8,000. EZ makes the easy call. The river bricks out for Ez’s flush draw as it comes the 7s. Brad fires the third barrel and moves all-in for $18,075. Ez ultimately decides to fold what is now only 3rd pair and Brad picks up the $27,450 with just ace high!

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