• Matt Foose says:

    thank you. I like this style better because I find the information more relevant. However, learning HOW the pros think is also invaluable so I’d vote you mix em up. Thanks again. I’ve listened to crushing small stakes tournaments a dozen times. Completely changed my perspective on hold em and poker in general.

  • Bill says:

    Great stuff! Would like to continue seeing hands from these deep stacked cash games.

  • Pmasonf says:

    Love the new format!

  • Tim says:

    Do more of this type analysis. Critiquing multiple players is an excellent learning experience.

  • Eddie says:

    Much better format Looks like a great idea!

  • Johnny Socko says:

    Love the new format! Lots to learn from these low stakes cash games.

  • John fuhr says:

    Love this format

  • Luigi says:

    This format is great, good detail, visuals and it ended up going as I expected.

  • Jim says:

    Playing 3 or 4 times a week at Caesars 1/2 game in Vegas, this type of poker hands analysis are invaluable. Please keep it up. 🙂

  • John foley says:

    Love the format and just the type of analysis I’m looking for !

  • Dave Haynie says:

    Love this new format A LOT!!


  • Victor M Falli says:

    Love the new format. Thanks

  • Lara Eisenberg says:

    Greatly love the new format. Much more fun!

  • Charlie says:

    I love the new format, keep it coming.

  • Morgan says:

    This hand demonstrates one of my fundamental rules: don’t get involved pre-flop unless you see a road forward. In other words, the first problem for a player is whether you want to be involved in the first place. Most of these players didn’t really want to be involved, which explains the head-scratcher series of folds after the flop. If you get a flop that’s good with your hand and you still fold, then you should never have started in the pot in the first place. I think a lot of players see the pros playing loose and think that’s the way to go but they don’t have the skills to bring it home.

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