Experimenting With A New Poker Hand Quiz Format

I’m experimenting with a new way of presenting hand quizzes.  I created a new quiz using this new format and I’d love for you to try it out.

Click Here to Try the New Hand Quiz

I’d love to get your thoughts on it!

If you’d like to help me out, please post a quick comment below to let me know what you liked about the new quiz format, and what you didn’t like.

If the feedback I get back for this is good overall, then my plan is to start creating quizzes like this for my training site, PokerCoaching.com.

Currently, members get access to two video quizzes per week, but as soon as I can streamline the process of creating quizzes in this new format, I’m going to start adding one image-based quiz like this to the site every week, taking members from two quizzes per week to three.

Thanks in advance for checking this out and for your feedback!


  • Jenny Henderson says:

    Great format because it is interactive!!

    • Tim says:

      Very good format. Please do more

    • Benno says:

      I do like the new format! It’s better reading it than listening. So it’s more easily to learn what you think. I would be happy if you put this on PokerCoaching. It reminds me a little bit on Insta Poker. And I really loved it. Like to see it on your PokerCoaching side.


  • Gav says:

    I really liked it Jonathan, please keep them coming. I think I can learn better when I am thinking a bit first rather than just getting the answers presented to me

  • Dan says:

    Fantastic, easy, simple more pls

  • Adam Moore says:

    Enjoyed the new format. It did not strike me as an improvement at first, but by allowing us to move through the action at our own pace, it gave me more time to get a feel for the hand and the situation.

    I usually take notes on your analysis of each play as well, so having it in text versus spoken makes it easier for me to not miss key points.

    Thanks for the continued support!

    Adam Moore

  • Oscar Longoria says:

    I really enjoyed the online quiz, it allows for great interaction and visualization of how the hand plays out.

  • Shane Egan says:

    Hey Jonathan love the new quiz format. Firstly it allows the tester to guess the best possible move from options provided and then details your thought process on why option X is the best move give the information available. I found this new hand quiz very informative.

  • Tim says:

    I like the format, easier to analyze this at my own pace. The analysis was comprehensive as well and what I learn from the quizzes I find I am able to apply to my game. Thank you.

  • Rich Leonard says:

    I like the new format with the analysis following each play. Look forward to more of them.

  • Denny says:

    First thanks for all you do man. Your passion shows.
    I love this format. This puts user in drivers seat and gets to see how his decisions match (or not) with a world class player’s decisions. And then, the bonus of your explanation, takes it over the top. I would love to see more of these. Please keep me posted on what I need to do to get more of these.

    • ken brannon says:

      thought the format was great, as well as the thought process presentation, however being a believer in playing your hand straight forward post flop when playing outta position i disagree with the ck, but like you pointed the 8s probably dont fold there anyway but i sure woulda tried to get him to, and take another crack later with a few more chips, but thats just me

    • shannan weeks says:

      I really like this format since it breaks down the hand step by step. I liked being put in the situation of making the decision on the spot since that mirrors live action. Also, getting the immediate feedback from a professional is really key. I hope you’re planning on expanding on this new concept; it’s great content and practice.

    • j831526 says:

      Denny said it all! This is a great format. It’s perfect for learning both hand reading and strategy to solve problems as we’d see them at the table.

    • Buck says:

      like the format.. offers insight to play

  • Gina Wostmann says:

    I agree with the previous review. I like the format and the explanations. Keep them coming! Thanks! Gina

  • Joe says:

    I like this format. The explanation(s) are very straight forward and understandable. Unlike the videos which you have utilized, this format is more succinct. Well done.

  • David R. says:

    I really like the new format. It gives each member of the audience, the opportunity to absorb the information at his(her) own pace. It seems to me, by having the reasoning and concepts written out, will help the reader, more easily retain some key concepts. Really, I think adding a third quiz with this format, will provide a good balance to the experience. I think the other format is valuable also, as listening to a verbal explanation, has its advantages.

  • Bob Georgiou says:

    I like it. The analysis seems a bid deeper than your verbal versions. Hope it saves you time so we can get more of this great content from you.

  • garyhotmail says:

    Excellent and unlucky, hope your doing well in Vegas

  • Andrey says:

    I really liked it,
    but DON’T write all text in UPPER CASE.

  • IamSithAzagoth says:

    It has a better pace (I can read faster than listening to someone talk). I also like that the decision options appear when it’s time to make a decision instead of before.

  • Chris Babula says:

    Love it. Would love to see a series of 50 hands and some sort if contest for points.

  • Carl Grounds says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Excellent way of presenting the information. Students will learn more after they fail these quizzes than if you just give them information. I took the quiz with your cash game ebook and even though I aced it I believe I read the information looking for the concepts behind the answers. You know you have used this hand before (hand of the week)
    Thank you for all you do to help others. I am a much better no limit player than I was 6 monthes ago and I used to play mid stakes limit as a living. I no longer play robotically but instead stop and think through every decision on every street as you do. After a session I go over both hands I won and lost to try to analyze any mistakes or missed opportunities so I can be better the next sit. Remind everyone you have lots of content on your you tube channel. I have been reccomending your site to all the regs I used to play with (left behind when I moved up in limit) unfortunately I feel most players do not think they need help and keep playing the same losing or break even game. I guess that is good for your students since if there were no losers there would be no games.

    Thanks again,

    Carl, Twoblkaces

  • THETA Poker says:

    1) The blinds are 400/800/100, not 400/800.

    2) Would prefer to NOT have to click on EVERY action. Just the important ones or play/pause modes would be better.

    3) Would like to know the total for the pot without having to do the math (sorry, it’s a quiz, not a real game).

    4) The call amount would be nice also, although it’s obvious in this case because it was a single raise.

    5) Everything is too slow until you get graded. Then that screen is too fast. Click to continue here would be better.

    6) “When[e]ver”

    7) The two clicks after the first explanation are both unnecessary. There’s nothing to wait for, so just show the flop.

    8) Shows 4 circles for sub-scores but only 3 questions.

    9) Really liked the quiz content (well, I did score 100% :-), but as a programmer, I didn’t like the presentation. No flow. Too much clicking. Hard to see what’s going on at the table in the hand replayer.

    10) Brilliant! You found a way to get people to be happy to hear your bad beat stories! 😉

  • Tom Thiessen says:

    I like the way to go through the action step by step. A little easier to consume who has what and how much is bet etc. I must say maybe having a recording of what the analysis is along with the written form might be nice. I do enjoy listening to your analysis. Thanks for all your hard work to make us better. The concepts discussed have helped to think about deeper topics. Good Luck in your games! -BadTT66

  • Roman says:

    Jonathan, first and foremost thank you for everything you do in helping people understand and improve their game. I was actually watching the WPT season 6 (i believe) where you won, just as I had received the email to try this new interactive hand training.
    I think it’s awesome, it’s extremely helpful in understand the decision making preflop, postflop, and future streets. The main thing I took away is that we made all the right decisions and got out money in good, and that’s what counts. I’ve read countless poker books, and sure they are extremely helpful, but having interactive hand examples where we are able to see the reasoning behind every decision – well there’s nothing like it.
    I actually have the WPT Trainer app on my phone with all of your hand examples/situations and this is very similar, but I like this even more because there is a more detailed breakdown and explanation after every decision.
    Keep cranking them out, I really enjoy them!

  • Very nice format! I really appreciated the play match comparison, instant validation for how you play. And thank you, thank you for presenting your analysis in a conversational, easy to follow fashion. Much easier to digest than some others. Will be out in LV for the Little One Drop and would love to treat you to breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever!

    So appreciate your love of the game, it shows 🙂


  • KP Gill says:

    I like the new format. Don’t know what the old format was, but this is good way to examine hands. Keep it up.

  • Chuck says:

    I liked that I could view the hand at my own pace. I really wanted a BACK button instead of just a NEXT button.

  • RL says:

    I like the new format. Possibly room for some fine-tuning such as a back button so the viewer can go back and forth between the table and the analysis at each point.

  • James Watson says:

    Excellent format! Show’s relevant hand information and allows you to go at your own pace. Understanding the multiple reasons of which play is correct is priceless! Quality content from a consistent quality player, thanks Jonathan.

    • Carl says:

      Thx for all the hard work and being such an ambassador for the game. Like the format…..and especially the thought process on every street.

  • YUANMIN LI says:

    Love this format. Please keep doing it for a while to get more feedback.

  • Don Burritt says:

    I like the overall format, but the text is too small to read on a phone.

  • JimB says:


    First of all I have to +1 Denny as your passion for teaching never ceases to amaze me. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.

    This format feels like you combined the InstaPoker and pokercoaching.com quiz formats. Here are the pros and cons for this style as I see them:

    – The student controls the pace
    – You have a chance to clearly articulate your thoughts
    – Seems like these types of hands might be easily downloadable for future study?
    – If creating these is less labor intensive and thus means access to more quizzes then its a HUGE pro.

    – For those who like to listen instead of reading as a way to learn this may not hit the spot (though there is not much reading)
    – it feels slightly less personalized to me as I’m now very accustomed to your voice from your audio books and training webinars
    – Sometimes I glean a lot from your spontaneous comments in the weekly poker hand episodes or pokercoaching quizzes and obv that element gets lost
    – Hands requiring deeper explanation might feel “long” (for you to make)
    – Showing the “player x folds” starts to crowd the table a bit – could those go away upon the next click?

    • Gary J says:

      I like JIM B’s analysis. I must have been the only one but I did not see “Call” as an option in the first step.. I was completing the quiz on my phone which made it slightly more difficult.

  • Wendy Bowers says:

    I really enjoyed this format. Very easy for me to learn from. Thank you.

  • oscar says:

    excellent format! thanks. If you have to change something i think is the duration of the “pop up” after you do a choice. From my smartphone Is too fast. im not american or english so i need more time to read the message. it disappeared too fast. thanks

  • Dan Pritchard says:

    I like these examples it helps me keep my head straight about playing. I do it for the fun of the chase and as you said sometimes you play correctly and loose.

  • Misha says:

    I really like this format. It allows me to take my time and think through the rationale of each step before moving on to the next. And you give a good amount of explanation with each step as well. It’s perfect. My only complaint is technical. On a smart phone, the graphic has a fixed size. If I turn my phone sideways to make the webpage wider, the graphic still stays the same size. It would be easier to see and read if I could make it larger. Thanks Jonathan.

  • alteredx says:

    I like it more like this. I like the analysis and the general understanding of the context of how the hand is being played.

  • Scott woodard says:

    I like it in that it presented well on the iPad, no app needed. I would prefer that the dialog boxes scrolled rather than ran across multiple pages. The scoring is numerical rather than 123 stars, which is a departure from previous training scoring method used in your iOS apps. I am more comfortable with 123 star system, maybe gong to 1-5 stars gives a better balance between numerical and starring and not as radical a departure for existing users. Like the more descriptive labels given to players. Would welcome learning your entire labeling system and criteria for establishing labels but realize that that’s more for a book than a table line.

  • John Duong says:

    It is similar to the style of your Cashing the Main Event book that I read through. I really liked it since it tested my thought process. Keep it up!

  • Roy Rutledge says:

    Love the new format. Gives more time to think thru a hand and then we get to see your thoughts about the hand. What you did and why and the concept behind your play. Keep up the good work. It is making me a better player.

  • Thanks Jonathan, I like it as it is thought out and descriptive each step of the way. Great learning tool.

  • Linda DeVittorio says:

    Really like this format. Good luck in your tournaments.

  • Jody Peterson says:

    I agree with all of the above. Excellent. Love the visual at your own pace. Good job!

  • Bob LeBrecht says:

    I like this format a lot. I do agree with Tom though, that a voice over in addition to the printed analysis would be helpful for a lot of people since audio is a primary learning method for some, while visual is primary for others. That way everyone would enjoy optimal absorption of the material. Looking forward to more.

  • Po Vang says:

    Excellent way of presenting the information.

  • Ben Hayles says:

    I agree with the positive comments. I also agree if you want to put a lot of work into this, then some audio or video instead of the text would work well. One thing I would change is when I click through to the next question, the buttons for the answers are right in the same place as the previous “Next” button, so there is the possibility to accidentally choose an answer. Just shifting the positioning of the buttons would help solve that.

  • Michael says:

    I really like and feel I’ll benefit from this format. Not only does it force me to think through the choices, but then I get expert analysis that either confirms my thinking or lets me know where what concept I haven’t accurately accounted for. Please keep it up.

  • Dane says:

    Great style of training as the student gets to make the calls how they would play.
    This is good because it shows first hand how different decisions in your thought process can influence the game positively and negatively.
    An idea for future maybe is having the hands play out no matter what choice the player makes and showing the variations so they can understand that this play may win the hand by getting them to fold but this play gets the money in the middle or this play will lose you a lot of money.

    The explanations between decisions is excellent. I am looking forward to more like this.

  • Steve says:

    Loving the positive advise you give even if we get knocked out. Getting knocked out is still hard on a new player doing his best to go deep in a tournament. It really helps to know its ok if we were right or wrong in our decision and to keep learning and trying. I did however make the moves you suggested. Shows I’m learning something from your books.?
    Thanks Jonathan.

  • Slim says:

    Love this format! I like to “see” the cards, stacks, and positions. Then you explain your reasoning, which is very easy to understand. Thanks for all you do!

  • Daniel says:

    I really do love this format. Instead of being told the right answer I need to put my thinking cap on. I learn from trial and error and I don’t go broke. Btw I’m reading your book “excelling in no limit holdem” and I’m only half way there and it’s already worth the money. Thanks for everything man.

  • Tom Frost says:

    Great concept keep it up, mr. Assassinato was an inspiration?

  • Gary Roe says:

    I’m impressed very nicely layed out. Good thought and presentation. Makes a lot of sense!
    Thank you for your help!

  • Eric says:

    Great format. It’s a little more time consuming, but it’s a lot easier to digest the information at the slower pace. I also love how you presented your analysis. I got a perfect score on this quiz. Could you please sit beside me during every hand i play to force me to think about every decision like this? Thanks!

  • Bill says:

    Jonathan I like the new format. I really appreciate how much effort you put into helping players improve their game. I have purchased many of your books and have learned a lot from them. I work on my game all of the time and your assistance has been invaluable. Thanks.

  • Justin Naylor says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Works well for me. More Immersive and feels like you’re actually playing the hand. Quite gutted I got sucked out on by that Jack!

  • Dinu Sabau says:

    This is really great, I like it alot. The step by step explication does it all. It’s awsome.

  • Darryl roome says:

    Hello Jonathan love this poker quizz just Ilike i loved your book on cash games , watching videos on poker on the training sites can bore me , but quizzes on hands on each stage I can’t get enough of and for me is a great way to learn , also any chance of you doing exactly the same cash game book only PLO cash game that would be great , and all the best at the World Series .

  • love it
    much rather read and make a slow thoughtful decision

  • I’ve actually needed help with spots similar to this. I spoke to you briefly at this years WSOP. I missed played QQ under the gun. You gave me a few pointers that totally made sense. You told me that I didn’t want to be out of position with Queens post flop. All of this detailed information would help a player know what to do in certain circumstances and I believe this program can make good players game into a more solid game.

    P.S. I’m definitely interested in some information or videos on the deep run you made this year at WSOP.
    I had a couple of deep runs, but couldn’t finish them off. I was chip leader in a couple of tournament and blew it . More practice and I could feel it happening soon, all thanks to you.

  • Shawn Salter says:

    Excellent format. I get so many of these training emails and I usually delete them because I can’t read them all but I clicked on yours and what a great decision. I think slower than most other people and having me click on each decision gives my brain time to break the info down into palatable chunks. I might consider subscribing if this becomes a thing.

  • Jon Tandy says:

    Excellent format. really easy to follow and makes it easy to understand your reasoning.

  • Ken Adams says:

    JL: Comparing this with the SMP format, and the format used for the quizzes on poker coaching.com, I like the fact that with this new one the user controls the timing of when to move forward to the next screen. But you don’t need to do that for each action by the other players at the table, when they fold or call or raise. That makes it too slow no annoying for the user, the only time I (as a user) want to control the speed is when I need to think about what my decision should be, and when I am reading and thinking about your comments after I have acted. The screens should advance automatically, as with SMP, when the other players are folding or calling or raising. At most I would suggest offering the user a pause and “go back” button in case they got distracted and want to go back and review what a player just did. Otherwise I think it is excellent. But I thought the one on pokercoaching.com was perfectly good too.

  • Nancy says:

    Love the new format, Jonathan. Look forward to more like this.

  • Shaun says:

    I like the format , is it possible to have the screen where my decision is rated stay up longer because I did not have time to read the information, thanks .

  • andy williams says:

    like this idea a lot great way of learning

  • PANAGIOTIS says:

    Well played Jonathan! Unlucky though but not your fault..Else only strong players,like you,would win the game!

  • DPC says:

    I understand the reason behind the new format: making a video to explain every decision is really time consuming and not very smart -no offense intended, to put it in another way: making all your explanation as videos is not a very smart business decision because consumes a lot of time impeding you make more tests. One of the reason I haven’t signed up to your poker coaching site is that, 1 test a week is not enough. I don’t care about the video, or the audio. Just write down your comments, like in this test, and produce more, and pretty sure you are going to have more people signing up. Good luck!

  • Rick Urabe says:

    Nice JL! I just busted with two pair in two ways today, and last night! I went all in today with 9T hitting a flop of 79T rainbow, and I had about 80,000 chips vs a big stack LAG with about 200,000 chips. Player calls with 78, and a J hits the turn knocking me out!
    Last night I had two pair on the flop, and shoved with 18 players left, and the player had a set! That’s why I folded the shove in your new coaching format lol! If you fold, you’re still in it! When I played the 12,000 player freerolls on Poker Stars, I tried to stay out of the all-ins as much as possible, when I made the final table three times in one year! I’ve been a little gun shy lately lol!

  • Johan Cederlund says:

    I think this is a fantastic format to learn poker with. Easy to understand and fun. Well done Jonathan!

  • Timo says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    thanks for all the work you put into promoting the game and giving recreational players a chance to improve their game.
    I also like new Quiz format, as this is somewhat how I started to get a better understanding of the game 3 years ago (by studying Harrington on Holdem).
    I dont think that I am a pure beginner anymore, I built up some solid skills, but the way to be successfull in Poker is to strengthen these skills and be open to apply new strategies as well. I still have some work to do to become ‘world class’, but I am confident enough to play my first world series this year. Hopefully I can qualify for the Main, as this obviously is the dream of every poker player…

    About your 56 hand, I would have played it the exact same way. The play of the 88 guy is just absurd. I thought that only happens online (in the low to medium stakes) but apparently, also the live tables are not safe of such ‘experts’. And of course the J counterfits your nut hand immediately. That always happens 😀

    Best of luck at the WSOP (unless if you are in a hand with me 🙂 )

  • jagbubblar says:

    Love it, more of this!

  • Srini says:

    Thank you Jonathan. Its really good with your world class explanation on each action.

  • Peter says:

    thoroughly enjoyed the format…nice to see the thought process from preflop to river…

  • Michael says:

    The new format is great, it helps you think through the options. Then explains your thought process behind them.

    Really appreciate your dedication to making all of us better poker players!

  • DAVE says:


  • HARRY says:


  • Student says:

    I actually like both formats; they both have their strong and weak points. As others have said, I like being able to control when the hand advances. However, there was one thing I wanted to point out: on some of the ‘next’ clicks it looked like there was some text that flashed on the screen for a fraction of a second, but I couldn’t see what it was (Win7 with Firefox). Another thing is that it’s no longer possible to listen to your analysis while looking at the table to follow along.

  • Bill Carey says:

    Yes step by step is excellent and written comments will be retained longer. The graphics are way too small for iPhone 6 Plus. Hoping this will be corrected.

  • David Hogberg says:

    Do more of these! Excellent format!

  • JC in KC says:

    A big thumbs up! The outcome reinforces the concept that just because you bust out doesn’t mean the play was bad.

  • Andrew says:

    Best format I’ve come across. Puts me in ‘driver’s seat’, and makes me analyse the scenario, rather than just providing the solution. A back button would be useful. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Steve says:

    Love this approach!
    It is a little small for iPhone viewing.

  • Gary says:

    I liked the format. and as always your insight.

  • Kirill says:

    Great tool, that I will be using. Thank you for making this Jonathan!

  • Vanessa says:

    I like the new format and the old format. The new format is slower and makes it easier to absorb all the details. The old format is more “fun” because it feels like a 1 on 1 coaching session. Overall, the program is fantastic.

  • joe eisenmeier says:

    I like this format – isn’t this the same as what you do in your android app. I downloaded the app and bought several of you training apps. I like like them.

  • Bruce Pace says:

    Thanks for the hand. I like the presentation.

  • Ed says:

    Really like this format, very helpful to get feedback step by sstep.

  • John says:

    I like this format but i really like your voice recordings for analysis. Is it possible to have written and recorded analysis?

    Thank you for your hard work and giving back.

  • Jim says:


  • bruce kring says:

    I like the step by step control for the explanation where you can take your time to think through what is being said. I don’t think having to click through each persons betting action provides much value but over all a good update to the quizzes.

  • Darrel says:

    Super way to teach! Well done. I really like this interactive format. Would love to see more.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Larry says:

    Love the new quiz format. Definitely a keeper! Sucks when you get your money in good and lose; howver, at least knowing that you played correctly/well is the silver lining.

  • Bob says:

    I like it. Gives time to soak in the information. An audio as mentioned would be nice if possible. Also maybe a back button if one overclicks, which I did and didn’t get to read the last of one of the comments. Thanks for the opportunity for input.

  • Ian says:

    Yes, I like the presentation method. The immediate feedback on each action is much better than waiting till the end of the hand.

  • Andrei Gogo says:

    An interesting format…valuble informations

  • Jimmy Williams says:

    This was enjoyable and very informative, look forward to more of the same…

  • Nancy says:

    I like the format. If you can make the text a little easier to read, like maybe darken the background. My eyes are older, so that was a lot to read on each page.
    Always enjoy and learn from your sessions.

  • Lee says:

    This format works for me. I am on a laptop and had no problem with the graphics. I like the way the step-through format gives you a chance to ponder your answer and guess at what other players will do.

  • Sandra Gibides says:

    I love it! It allows us to be in the hand and challenges us to think. I saw you at the WSOP while I was playing in the Seniors Event you were by the book stand and we were going on a break but I was on a mission to the rest room and when I came out you were gone, 🙁 I have all of your books on Audio and have learned from all of them, Thank you, Sandy

  • Jim Baker says:

    This is a good format, very similar to the WPT Poker trainer app I have on my phone (to which you have contributed). The step by step with an explanation on each step is a good teaching method.

  • Dani says:

    I’m not sure what the format was before, but I love this! It lets you go at your own pace and digest the information, and your explanations are simple yet thorough, as always. I follow you on Share My Pair, as well, so this is similar – but it lets you go a little more in depth. I’ve been following your progress at the WSOP and rooting for you. Best of luck, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with the rest of us!

  • Beric says:

    Hi yes I like this format as it drives home the lessons solidly when having made the decisions and then seeing the expert way of playing a hand. I still make these funded mental mistakes and got the pre flop and flop incorrect by shoving. PAying ,ore attention to pot odds initially would have told me how to have played the hand. Well done I took that in good.

  • Viktor says:

    Very well indeed, just burst into this. Already start learning new features.

  • George H Russell says:

    Great format. Much better than just reading it in a book.

  • Jerry Monaco says:

    A very good format. I love it. Will I be informed by email every time you post one of these. Thank you for your good work.

  • ken says:

    Love the format. Reading your thoughts all the way helps a lot in my thought process. Its also re assuring to see i would have played this correctly.

  • Nate says:

    Love the new format sir. See you in Vegas this weekend. Peace


  • Sharon says:

    I like the new format for the same reasons as above. Also, congratulations to you and your wife on your exciting news. I’m so happy for you both.

  • GV says:

    This is a great new format – super easy to follow, better than waiting through a video, esp if reading in an office.

  • Chris says:

    Fantastic. Stay with this format!! Cheers.

  • Larry K says:

    Excellent new format. Love the fact that the viewer can control the timing of the video, and has plenty of time to digest all the info presented.

    More Please!
    Larry K

  • Trudy A Davis says:

    Love it! Very helpful.

  • Michael says:

    Great stuff

  • Arlene - aka reddevillady says:

    Really, really like this format. Easy to follow and analyzes our thought process and decisions compared to yours (the seasoned pro). Learning hand situations, where I need to get my stack in for the best possible outcome, has been huge for me. If I lose, I can walk away being confident that I played it as well as I could have.

  • Andrea says:

    Loved it! Thanks Jonathon~

  • Sheri says:

    I really like the new format for the set up of each hand. It allows me to control the pace so I can better follow the action. However, when it gets to the analysis part, I prefer your verbal comments to reading the text. So, I would suggest the new format to set up the hand and click through the action, but keep the audio for your insightful analysis.

  • Ramon Castillo says:

    I prefer this format. I can review at work at my own pace without any volume.

  • Dan Colmerauer says:

    I really like this new format. Excellent, I must say.

  • James McGuire says:

    I really like this format, especially having the player type listed. Showing what mistakes I would have made throughout the hand is really cool. I open jammed the flop and realized that I want to keep those loose/splashy players in with such strong holdings. Great idea for quizzes. Thank you for putting it together this way.

  • Anthony Santangelo says:

    I know this would be easier for you to present the quizzes like his Jonathan but I prefer the other format of having the videos. Training should be interacting and the videos are the next best thing to live training. I know it’s more work for you but your students deserve it.

  • Greg says:

    Love the new format. Allows me to play along and further my understanding / assumptions with your explanations. i’m guessing this took quite a bit of time to create, so a huge ‘thank you’ for the effort expended. Appreciate all that you do to help all of us trying to get better at the game.

  • Jack G says:

    Thanks for posting this quiz. The format is great – I like going step by step, and the details of your decision making process after flop & each street. It loaded quickly as well. One suggestion: would like to be able to go backward also.

  • Bruce Gilmore says:

    I like it. Thanks for all you do!!!!

  • Justin says:

    I really liked the format, but reading the text overlay was hard on my eyes and uncomfortable.

  • Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I think the format is excellent and I agree with the former commentary that your audio voice description analysis would be a desirable improvement. I did notice as the hand progressed that 2x when I clicked next no action followed and I needed to click next again so I would eliminate the extra steps if possible.
    How about the concept that if you are always getting it in good you will be bad beat more often. One of the rewards for playing well.
    All kidding aside I really appreciate and respect your work.
    Thank you!

  • Bill S says:

    Love it!

  • joel says:

    I like it fine. It’s the first one I’ve ever seen with all the explanation. But I think when it’s time to let all the players take their actions you can let everyone push the move forward button once and let everyone at the table take their action and most people are competent enough to read Around the table quickly and see what happens. I am however paralyzed and I like to push Les buttons. But that might just be my preference. I do however like the explanation

  • Jeffrey Huhn says:

    Love it! Jonathan Little…you are my hero. You teaching methods have absolutely revolutionized my game play. I am now a profitable cash-game player because of you. I play poker every waking hour of my life in Atlantic City and I am living the dream thanks to you.

  • Greg M says:

    I think the format is excellent, it is very helpful for the reader to be in a decision making position as the hand progresses. The included rationale for each play was tremendously beneficial – really enjoyed reading those and appreciated the insights. Thanks very much for doing this, really enjoy your books, too.

  • paul romain says:

    Love the design

  • Bill says:

    Definitely one of the better ways to analyze the play of a hand. Keep it up.

  • Geoffrey Koenig says:

    Thanks for doing this. I also like the new format a lot.

  • Bob Jepson says:

    I like the new format, and the ability to stop/progress through each step. I do prefer hearing your audio analysis vs. reading it on the screen, however. Maybe have both. As always, great work, and great approach to teaching. I believe you’re one of the best because you are always striving to get better, and that shows in your teaching as well.

  • Paul Manuel says:

    Now this is exciting. This is the perfect way to try my stratagys and see how they compare to your play. Would love to sit down one day and work on my game using this system. SUPER, AND THANKS FOR

  • Rick says:

    I do appreciate the ability to control the advancement of the screen, it allows the time to think and reflect on the concepts that you have taught and discussed previously. Being able to read your analysis and possibly take notes is great. I do agree with the one comment that watching the action of the other players can be automated rather than having to hit next for each fold and call.

  • Daniel says:

    Good and simple format…it is appreciated.

  • Les says:

    Thanks, Jonathan, for putting these out there. I really like the format. Good luck this week in Vegas!

  • btwin says:

    Format is OK. I prefer to read content rather than passively viewing and listening. Reading requires increased focus and concentration. Having said that, I empathize with the bad beat.

  • Jeff says:

    I like the format. I had a very similar hand in the WSOP Sr event this year, with a similar result. But I believe it was the right play. The majority of the time it will payoff.

  • Hank says:

    love it ~~~ we need more….

  • 21 East Hanover Ave

  • Tom Parysz says:

    I love it!


  • Drew says:

    I like the variation on the pokercoaching.com format although it’s not clear to me how the points scored are relevant taken out of that context? Definitely enjoyed the written explanations to go along with the decisions. In this particular text, I’d correct “so I still would have gotten broke” to “gone broke”. Thanks for everything you do and continued good luck in WSOP 2016!

  • Alan Carty says:

    I love this new format. I like being tested along the way and your descriptions of you acted the way you did are awesome. In my opinion, this type of HH review could be a complete training package. Sign me up for it.

  • al says:

    Love your take on this and format!

  • jim says:


  • ron eckhardt says:

    Excellent!! I still think Vol 3 is also excellent. But this will be great to have on my laptop.
    Good luck at WSOP,

  • DaleEliz says:

    I love it Jon and the format is excellent! Very nice! looking forward to more!

  • Dave Inoshita says:

    Really like the format!!!

  • Ted Heinig says:

    JL, I like the new format. It’s a Win.

  • love2play90210 says:

    I like this format and your explanations – A good way to learn – TY Jonathan for all you do for us – I am a grateful gal

  • Dave says:

    Love this format.

  • David Hixson says:

    I like it a lot as it gives your thinking on each street

  • David Beseke says:

    Definitely like this format.

  • Duncan Banks says:

    Very much enjoyed the format.
    I was happy to see that my decisions were the same as yours and for the same reasons.
    However, I’m not nearly as well versed at blowing off the fact that I lost and move on; I’m not a real tilter but based on playing “winning or losing” with no grey area in all my former sports I find the variance difficult to deal with. My child within says, “I did it right, I want my reward!” I’m only 59, maybe I’ll get over it by the time I’m 60? 🙂

    Good format and good luck throughout the rest of WSOP 2016!

  • Chris Harris says:

    Love the format, although it is a bit small to read on an iPhone. I was able to zoom in, but then had to scroll to hit next button to advance. I like being in control of the steps thru the action of the hand rather than having it advance on its own. I would suggest adding a back button in case the user accidentally hits next before ready to advance to the next step. Great analysis and explanations!

  • JoePokerMan says:

    Fantastic format. Loved the quiz and the reasoning behind each play. I would love to see more of these quizzes and get insights into your thoughts in different poker situations. Thanks for the content.

  • Bob says:

    Jonathan – agree with other commenters here – thank you for all you provide and the work that goes into it. You do a fantastic job.

    I think this new format is ok, but being able to compare it to the current format at PokerCoaching.com, I much prefer the current format there – where it’s more of a video, still broken into segments, but is a video with your voice providing the analysis. I just feel that sticks with me much better and you are essentially here coaching me. Perhaps a combination of written analysis and spoken analysis might be better?

  • T says:

    Perfect! Much more useful than tutorial videos. You can spend a lot of time watching the tutorial videos without realizing what you are doing differently when you play. Works nicely on iPad, so I can study while walking (dang those light poles!).

  • Jeff says:

    I like the new format for several reasons. 1) it gives me the opportunity to try figure out how each opponent is going to play his hand, 2) to try figure out what he’s holding, 3) gives me time to take notes, 4) your analysis gives several lines to take and which would most likely be the best.

  • John R says:

    I love it! Very clear graphics (I never even try to watch this stuff on a phone so I had no expectations there.)
    Your comments and analysis are top notch and I even like the control at each step. Gives me a chance to guess what opponents are going to do to see if I assess them. correctly. Good work Jonathon!
    I was in LV for a couple of days last week. Min-cashed in a $600 event at Venetian and made some money in a 1-1 PLH cash game at the Linq, where I was staying.

  • Dwight says:

    If given a choice I would choose to have your written analysis—of easch street—as a slide since this is more comprehensive and complete. I also would like to hear your comentary as you proceed throught the streets. Best of both formats.

  • Simon James says:

    Like the format, although when the message pops up showing what points I scored for my choice, I would like it to stay on screen long enough to read it – or preferably until I click to move to the next screen.

    Commiserations on the suck out.

  • Scott Nguyen says:

    Love the new format. Very easy to follow along.

  • Jim Heisler says:

    Johnathan, I really appreciate the thought that you put into presenting an educational poker experience for us. The new format is very good. I do agree with Ken Adams response that the action by the other players could be faster. I do like see your analysis written out but I would be really perfect if you where to vocalize it as well. It makes it much more personal, and after watching every weekly hand and every video I can of yours I have to admit I have gotten use to the sound of your voice…heh. Keep up the great work, you rock brother and as this is written just before the main event, I hope you make it to the final 9!

  • Tanmay says:

    Fucking love it

  • Jim Ciotti says:

    Thanks for this new method and all the content you share. Attitude is the winner, pooh happens in MTT’s and life. Your advice of being comfortable with getting it in good is absolutely the right mental attitude. This new format is wonderful and thank you for all the content you offer us. This new format is extremely educational and rewarding.
    I want to thank you for your coaching and philosophy on winning poker. Also, thank you for helping me make the final table at the WSOP Super Seniors. I cashed at 10th and am grateful. I was able to observe your play at the $5K, 6 max WSOP tourney. I hope you faired well.
    Please keep up the great work and advice you offer. More importantly, thank you for your positive approach to winning . Best of luck in the Main Event.

  • Sheriff Joe says:

    I like the new format, I like what you do, I look forward to seeing you at WSOP if you are still there this weekend.

  • Eddie Clark says:

    Great educational tool for me. Thanks for these quiz’s. I look forward to many more. Have fun.

  • andy watson says:

    Sorry I don’t like it.

    I am making the comparison between the pokercoaching.com & instapoker quizzes here. I much prefer the commentary, but you have said they take a very long time to make. However the commentary does feel like there is a more personal aspect to the work- if that makes sense and doesn’t sound too creepy! Given a straight choice I would choose the commentary version. however if there were 2 text based ones to 1 speech- I guess I would have to be pragmatic and pick text, but I would be a little sad.
    The guys above make excellent points about clicking every action, and a back button is an excellent idea.

  • rgordona says:

    I love the quiz format – really easy to control. It would be nice to have a back button to go back and review action after reading the analysis but I really like being able to control the pace and think about what i am seeing.

    I do have a question about the analysis. You seem to think your call on the flop is trivial but I am not sure why. You are calling 10,300 to win 30,200 so need 33% equity against opponents range.

    You have the shover tagged as Loose Passive and i am sure you have said in the past that this kind of re-raising line from Loose Passive players is heavily weighted to nut hands. Also You say that Villain’s line with 88 is Insane.

    I think I would be expecting this line from villain only with very strong hands and good combo draws. 5 combos of sets, AJ of diamonds, 78 of diamonds, conceivably some over pairs but wouldn’t she three bet most of those pre. Is a passive player really going to take this line with top pair or 78 off or some random flush draw which is presumably what you were hoping for?

    If the villain was tagged as Wild LAG Kid then the call makes complete sense but against loose passive does it really? Of course once I had seen this shove with 88, which I agree is insane, I would need a very good reason not to change the tagging.

    I do love the format though.

  • Charlie Francois says:

    good format

  • David Wood says:

    Very nice format and I like being able to control the speed and timing. Nicely done Jonathan, as usual. Thanks

  • bob wages says:

    I really like it. Having the written version allows more time to really understand the thought process behind your decision. Plus I believe being a visual learner having the written comments will be retained longer.
    Thank you for all your time and effort in trying to teach us to be “THE” very best players.
    Best of luck in the rest of your WSOP!

  • Pookah says:

    I like the format. It let’s you work through each decision. I would like to see, in the event of a wrong answer, what the points would have been for each choice. Or is it your thought that the answers are binary? One other note, what was the $900 in the pot? Playing 7 handed, the antes should have been $700, not $900. Perhaps an input error, but if it’s based on players x ante, there’s a problem with the algorithm.

  • Terry says:

    I like it, but liked your other format as well but again I do like it.

  • rgordona says:

    Love the format. Being able to control the pace and think about the actions as they happen is really helpful. Only thing I would like to see is a way rewind after reading the analysis and review what I missed.

    I do have a question about the actual hand though. You seem to think it is a trivial call on the flop but I am not sure why. We are calling 10,300 to win 30,200 so need 33% equity.

    But you have the Villain tagged as Loose Passive. I am sure you have said before that a reraise from a loose passive player is indicative of a nutted range an you say in the analysis that it is a crazy line to take with 88 so you presumably weren’t expecting to see that.

    From a true Loose Passive player I would be expecting to see this line with 5 combos of Sets, AJD 78D and not much else. (Possibly over pairs but wouldn’t those three bet pre) I just don’t see what else she can reasonably have and against that range we are in real trouble aren’t we?

    If the villain was tagged as Wild LAG Kid then the call makes complete sens but is it really so trivial against a Loose Passive. (Of course I would need very strong evidence not to change that tag once I saw the 88)

  • Connie Agard says:

    I like having to think about my moves and learn to calculate ahead…Really like this format.

  • C D says:


  • Beth Locke says:

    I 98% agree with Ken Adams “Comparing this with the SMP format, and the format used for the quizzes on poker coaching.com, I like the fact that with this new one the user controls the timing of when to move forward to the next screen. But you don’t need to do that for each action by the other players at the table, when they fold or call or raise. That makes it too slow no annoying for the user, the only time I (as a user) want to control the speed is when I need to think about what my decision should be, and when I am reading and thinking about your comments after I have acted. The screens should advance automatically, as with SMP, when the other players are folding or calling or raising. At most I would suggest offering the user a pause and “go back” button in case they got distracted and want to go back and review what a player just did. Otherwise I think it is excellent. But I thought the one on pokercoaching.com was perfectly good too.” the other 2% I like hearing your voice; however i understand the additional production time & probably data storage it takes.

  • Grendilon says:

    I like the format in general. I like it even better on Pokertraining.com when you talk through the hand in audio. It’s nice to have the option to read the words if you can’t listen to the audio for some reason.

  • Roger says:

    Now i have found where to leave a reply here goes. I love the concept and especially your analysis as I am getting too many bad beats this week but enjoy the game too much to stop. I only play low stakes small tourneys and now realise how grate the variance is. I am only 71 and this is my way of keeping the mind working. The hardest thing I find is to play against loose players as they seem to win with rubbish cards way to often. Go well in Vegas and post a winning play and hand next time.

  • Meichelle says:

    I thought it was interesting and had good explanations of your play. Technically tho, the point explanation screens were too quick to disappear, I couldn’t read that fast.

    Meichelle C

  • Robert Dugan (verity4all) says:

    I agree with Ken Adams in that it should advance much faster or it is a little annoying. I much prefer the verbal notes over written, although it seems I may be in the minority so far. But…if I read it right, you will be adding only one per week in this format and maintaining two in the old (better imo) format. So for the extra content I would be fine (and grateful) for it.

    One thing that I believe would easily triple the value of content you will hopefully considere for the future: A way for students to participate in the post-analysis. Obviously, you cannot answer every question about every quiz, but perhaps a didicated forum.
    For instance, in this hand the “loose-passive” player shoving 88 over a cb on J56. If he’s truly loose-passive (classic calling station), a true calling station is never shipping anything there other than a set, not even AJ. Maybe the label (read) is wrong, or maybe they just play differently at this level, but it seems still a low level. That seems exactly the kind of hand that CS’s call down with, not suddenly become maniacs. If I disagree with Jonathan, I must seriously question my own opinion but I need to know WHY I’m wrong and gain a deeper understanding. But in my games I have never seen a LPas player do this except very rarely when tilting or just as a brainfart.

    Sry for the length, but maybe we can get some other opinions put more succinctly.

  • Benjamin Simon Doherty says:

    These poker lessons are appreciated. Been lurking for awhile, thanks for all the free content. The new format is an improvement. Very good. Thank you.

  • Teddy says:

    I liked and learned from it, so nice idea! Only issue I had is critique not left up long enough. Missed some value because critique left no time to think about it. Thank you for so many opportunities!
    Where do you get the time?

  • Teddy says:

    I liked and learned from it, so nice idea! Only issue I had is critique not left up long enough.
    Thank you for so many opportunities!
    Where do you get the time?

  • Eric Pearson says:

    I like the new format BUT…….. After we make our selection let the answer stay on the screen a little longer or make it a “NEXT” to continue.

    You’ve added more commentary and I find that to be most valuable. The more commentary the better.

  • albert burgess says:

    very good way to learn

  • Ben Lampert says:

    i THINK THIS is an excellent teaching tool. Thanks for all the work you do, I enjoy weekly poker hand and several of your books.

  • Thomas Witherspoon says:

    I do really like these hand quizzes. You need to give a couple more seconds for me to read what the correct answer is.
    When loose passive shoves, I would be forced to call, but I don’t like it. Too many times what happened to you also has happened to me. I prefer just calling the flop bet and make sure a safe card comes on the turn and then decide on my action. I play it differently every time depending on what I know about my opponent.

  • Vic says:

    Excellent way to coach. I love the format.

  • I really like this format. Please give us more of the same

  • Jack Daniels says:

    Really liked it because of the detailed explanation of the thought process. Thanks for what you do.

  • alin 5-3 off says:

    Love this…a great way to learn the game or check my strategies.

  • Paul says:

    I was able to learn a lot about your very detailed thoughts on the hand, which is ultimately what I, as a student of the game, am looking for.

    Thank you very much for the detailed analysis of your play.

  • George says:

    I like the method of presentation. Nicely done. Even though I chose to fold despite the pot odds, it appeared to me that 5 – 6 is not a great hand when attempting to double up. Keep up the good work and good luck as you head towards the Final Table.

  • Sam says:

    I really like this format as it gives me a chance to think through the play and then see a world class player’s thought process. Thanks for all you do. I would certainly want more of this type of coaching.

  • Roadsaint says:

    love the format and the analysis. Someone may have already mentions this, but I was only able to earn 30 pts, on this one, I never had a 4th decision, so not sure if I missed one…..

  • Robert Buckendahl says:

    Enjoyed, Better than just watching hands.


  • Don says:

    I love the new format. it is easier to follow as I direct the action for each step. Your analysis section is great. I love getting your immediate feedback on your thought process. This is why I signed up to PokerCoaching.com . You have developed a great learning tool to take my game to the next level, and right away you are looking on ways to improve the siite.

  • Steve says:

    Like it Would like to add a back button, incase I click to many times and to review if needed

  • Anthony larson says:

    I like the concept. I don’t think finishing the hand when you get all in our worth it. Unless maybe going through different betting strategies (amounts, how to bet for maximize profit or pot control)

  • Dan says:

    I like it. The step-by-step method works for me. It allows time to consider what I think, the player’s actual move and why is was made. It is much easier for the commentary to sink in.

  • John says:

    I love this format! It’s very similar to your book “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker – Volume 3: The Complete Workout”. You explain your thought process very well. Thanks for being a great ambassador for the game! – John

  • Carlo says:

    I like it very much. Very simple yet straight to the point. Also, goes over each action and the reason for the move we made. Good Stuff. Thanks coach! keep it going!

  • David Dowling says:

    Excellent: Logic and accurate reasoning will always prevail, even though the luck of the draw may not. Keep up the good work.

  • Alena says:

    I absolutely love it ! Please, make more quiz like this ! Thanks, Jonathan for being such a great poker teacher for all of us ! Good luck to you !

  • BRW says:

    Good format – this follows the programmed learning from educational methods where you answer a question, get a correction if needed, and have the new information to answer the next question. The point system is good as points totaled at each stage of play over many questions may help others understand whether they are weak in pre flop analysis, post flop analysis, bet sizing, reading the board, etc.

  • Harvey Hashimoto says:

    I like the video format better. Listening to your thought process right after giving an answer is faster for me, who only has an hour or so nightly to do this exercise or play online sit n go for practice. Skipping the non-relevant actions like folding after the initial raise, etc. might be helpful

  • Mick Terramin says:

    Like this format a lot. It would help me if you left the screen that shows what score you received for each decision up a little longer. We seniors take a little longer to process info. Also, I just bought “Small Stakes Poker Cash Games” and am enjoying it a lot. My only disagreement so far is your small pre-flop raise strategy. Anything less than $10 raise in my $1-3 game gets called by just about everyone. I understand your reasoning, but I get too many players on the flop and it is difficult to know where you are. Additionally, too many players are limping with big pairs and big aces and are pleased to call my raise. Otherwise, I’m doing much better since reading your books and listening to your webinars. Good luck to us!

  • Bushmaster says:

    Loved it. The format is excellent. The analysis of the play is clearly explained. Very helpful to go through your thought process.
    I really appreciate what you do for the poker community. THANKS

  • Erika says:

    Really great. More please.

  • Ashok says:

    Awesome. This really taught me a lot – please keep more of this coming.

  • Callum says:

    Brilliant way to explain analysis and thought process of a hand, and to interact with the hand while learning. More of these please!

  • Loonybird says:


  • Rick says:

    An excellent format. It makes it easier to recognise specific situations and lines.

  • Gillian Groves says:

    I liked the original quiz format fine; though this one is better for times when you don’t have headphones and need quiet (like in the morning while my mate is still sleeping), or if you like to self-pace the action. I reviewed this on an iPad and the size was fine. Not sure how well it will work on phone.
    Thanks for all your hard work. GL in the Main Event!

  • vicarsb says:

    I like this format – it is easier to follow at my pace

  • Ed says:

    Looks like many are enjoying it but I was not a fan. I prefer the video format with you running through each part and then I answer. The clicking of Next over and over to get through each player was just too much. Plus I prefer to hear you talk than read what you have to say about it.

    Just my 2 cents though and if the majority like it then make the change and I will live with it. 🙂


  • Bruce says:

    Jonathan, organized writing indicates organized thought.
    (I cancelled your site because often your materials and seminars were neither well-planned nor executed. Much was “sloppy.”)
    This new format covers all skill levels of players, all ages, all types of people.
    Congrats on full, yet succinct, explanations of your reasoning and grading.
    You present a compelling education here. In my courtroom, you prevail.
    Listen to 80% of these comments — they are nearly identical.

    Too many “teachers” and “pros” are offering ways to monetize poker — off the table.
    You can Easily become one of the top three. Truly, Bruce PS: I am a funny, laid back man. Best from PCola.

  • Jeff Daemon says:

    I enjoyed the format very much, would like to see more, best of luck at the WSOP.

  • Prof1t says:

    I really like the format. It’s very much like your book on Tournament poker I just finished reading. I have trouble playing as aggressive as you do, but it’s important to understand the strategy, positions & situations that lead to those plays. Good stuff & thanks for doing all you do to help us get better.

  • Steve says:

    I like the format Jonathan,on the hand is it a good idea to get involved with cards at the lower end even though you have good odds.?

  • T Rana says:

    I did enjoy the new format. I liked the ability to see everything and make a decision. Also, no video, so I could do it with no sound and at my own pace. Thanks for providing awesome content!

  • ralph schaffner says:

    excellent format I would recommend it,

  • Allan Hennefer says:

    Excellent format. Could be nice to explain other reasons for playing the hand a bit differently, though here we are merely playing the cards, the bets, the positions, odds and stack sizes. Never the less, a tremendous working tool.

  • I love this new format. It gives me a chance to think about each move before it happens. It’s very simple and provides excellent feedback on each move not just one move. I really appreciate your interest in improving your presentations. I hope you continue to use this format.

  • Bill S says:

    Seeing the hand and reading your analysis right after I submitted my decision is a perfect way of learning all the decisions and thought that go into a hand. Please provide more!! If I read one of these a day for a year I would be able to quit my day job!!

  • Tom Solnok says:

    I like everything about this method except clicking for each fold – I think a click for next should get us to the next player who is not folding.
    The explanations are very complete and clear… excellent.

  • Gus says:

    Very nice. Seeing your moves was good but the additional analysis makes it even better. Great work

  • Jeremy starling says:

    Hi. Think this format is really good and easy to follow.. Analysis very clear as always. Only two other points:

    1) needs a back button. I clicked too fast once on your analysis, and could not get back to it.
    2) I would also like to be able to read your comments on the sub optimal lines. For eg if I had selected fold rather than call pre flop, I presume you would explain why this is not the best line, which would be helpful to know. Is there a way to get these without having to go through all the options and reading the analysis

  • Kevin Dowling says:

    Excellent format, I have learned a lot just from that one hand. Keep them coming

  • Scottyt says:

    liked it

  • Jonathan Spicyn says:

    I liked this format, Mr. Little. Allowed me to move at my own pace. Thank you.

  • Thomas Henrickson says:

    I really like this format.

  • Jerry W says:

    I like the quiz the way it is. Pushing “Next” allows you to control the speed of the information.

  • Brian Yamada says:

    Agree with some above that you could eliminate some screens especially pre-flop. We don’t need to see an individual screen for each guy who folded. Otherwise great idea.
    Not sure if anyone mentioned but could sell as “e-book” say 100 hands at a time?


  • Tom Bennett says:

    I really liked this format and the analysis that went with each selection rather than at the end, was great. Thank you very much

  • seedman40 says:

    My only revision would be to have the analysis come as a pop-up that you could click on. Otherwise, this format is far better than before!
    Great work! Stan

  • Bill Ojile says:

    Great format! Like the interaction.

  • Eric Anderson says:

    I love all your stuff. The interaction here is cool. It allows me to go through my own thought processes before you share yours (usually followed by a forehead slap and a DOH!, lol). Listening to your thought process helps me a lot. Your Americas Heads-Up against Joao Bauer is a classic and something like that is what I would like to see more of. I have bought all of your insta-poker coach classes and play on my work breaks. The quiz format in both those and this blog are both very helpful. Thank you for all you do. Someday I would like to buy you a smoothie.

  • LangleyTorch says:

    I prefer the old style of the quizzes.
    I do love the quizzes for the analysis is very good.
    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  • boenie says:

    Like the format, I would just add a Previous button too if possible.

  • Steve Parkin says:

    Absolutely spot on. You always feel better when you get it right (smug mode on!), although this was quite an easy one. However, the format is really good. The analysis helps reinforce the message. Great way to learn.

  • Richard DeFiore says:

    I think it is great!!

  • james c says:

    i like it, kind of like hand of the day but youre letting us see if we make the correct play instead of just telling us

  • chris Formisano says:

    Love it !!

  • james says:

    my guess is the new format is probably quicker to put together
    having done a whole bunch of the pokercoaching ones, my preference is for the audio way of doing it
    i think i get more out of that – and when i zone out i just go back – yes i can do same reading but imo doesn’t always have same impact

  • Neil says:

    Nice work Jonathan, as usual you are never happy to just stand still, always looking to move forward. Pretty much sums up your attitude and approach to coaching in a nutshell. The new format is decent, I enjoyed the quiz, but there are maybe just a few technical tweaks required to fine tune the flow as a few other guys have mentioned in comments, such as leaving that big green tick up there after we get a question right, as some of us like nothing better than to just stare at that for a good few seconds whilst we think “yeahh… I think like a pro.”

    p.s. That Jack on the turn… standard!

  • Ron Kirby says:

    hi Jon
    well i dont know if i learn better/quicker with written or video as i have seen 1000 plus videos , you would have to wonder? Why i am still trying to improve my game. perhaps the homework is the most difficult for me to actually write out and therefore perhaps actually being forced to read your response to how to play a hand is more mentally challenging than just watching a movie , if you get what i mean?
    for instance when we watch a show on tv if we watch it again later we see something we didnt the first time so perhaps that watching you talk vs reading your text maybe the text wins as a teaching aid or perhaps even both would be best
    regards Ron K

  • Bernard Usher says:

    I think you have discovered a winning format with all kinds of future possibilities for improvement…..such as more interactive stop and go buttons as well as a stop control at the answer page. Right now that page goes by so fast it is almost unreadable on my computer.
    You have discovered a truly new and user friendly teaching tool which will be widely copied no doubt.
    Coupled with your experienced analysis it is a sure winner.


  • Bruce Olson says:

    Very nice and effective;

    Format/readability of comments could be improved w/ better color/contrast choices and maybe a little bit of spacing.

  • Ted McLean says:

    Not bad

  • Alex Castillo says:

    I prefer the original method with your voice guiding through the quiz, as it contained less clicking through. I think this helped me focus on the action, rather than focusing on how to navigate through the quiz. But overall, these quizzes are great. Keep them coming Jonathan. Thank you.

  • Mario Alonso says:

    I love it for all the reasons everyone gave. I don’t know if any one asked if it would be possible to have a BACK button in case you forget an opponent’s action, stack, etc. My memory is not what it used to be 🙂

  • Bill Hoffer says:

    Excellent way to allow us to make a decision and see how we shape up to your thinking at each betting stage. I agree with Olson on the way you present the explanation. But it’s a minor thing. The explanations are where the learning can improve our memory skills.

  • soonerbmw says:

    love it.

  • John Cornelison says:

    Just finished with the new quiz format, I thought it was a great way to visualize and think about what the best option may be for the hand, as a non professional player that plays a couple times a month in tournaments in my area, small stakes social games, and a little cash, usually the 1-2 NLHE , It is a great way to learn more about the decisions being made and why you would play the hand in that manner, very insightful, as I scored a 20 in this quiz I did not however see where I myself may have ranked such as loose passive ect., would love to see some feedback on that, keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the summer, thank you and have a great day.

    Regards, J.L.Cornelison

  • Fred says:

    Two thumbs up! I love the format 🙂

  • David Boggon says:

    Fantastic format. Loving your Podcasts as well. Keep it up.

  • Ole Kristensen says:

    Great form. Just continue.

  • Nick P says:

    Need a button to go back frames. Seems that when I tried this it flipped over frames.

  • David says:

    Need a training site like this with just quizzes.

  • Steve Roselius says:

    This is a great format, I really like it a lot! Thanks Jonathan.

  • Mika Hämäläinen says:

    Good format, going at it at your own pace is always the most comfortable way to go. Just one caveat: could it be streamlined a bit, so there wouldn’t be so darn many next-boxes to click?

  • Alan Ho says:

    I love this new format, especially about your commentary about accepting that you’ll be busting out in tourneys, even if you do get it in good.

  • Sami says:

    Excellent format. Similar to Insta Poker, but lot more descriptive.

  • Gary Sweetland says:

    the new format allows more time to think about the why and how, allows me to understand at a slower and thoughtful pace.

  • Sean Roman says:

    I just looked at my old emails and found this. I really liked the format a ton. I think many poker students would love multiple choice questions in this type of format. I got 3 of 3; but did have to think about the second two for some time. Only the first question was an automatic answer for me. The key is to have choices that make you think, and your possible answers very much did that. I would love to try more if you offer them. I also think the commentary after the answers was insightful. It is not the answer, but the rationale which is most significant. And this short demo gave great explanations for each “correct” answer.

  • Great quiz format, Jonathan! You’ve done it again! Always innovating and pulling off cool new training material. The only slight adjustment I would make if I were you… after you’ve selected your answer there’s a quick flash of how many points you score along with a small comment. I’d like to see that flash screen stay up a bit longer or maybe give the user the opportunity to hit an “ok” button to go back to the playing area. Either way, great stuff, man!

  • Roger says:

    Liked it only when you pick a wrong answer I was not able to see what it said. Page just flashed and went back to the explanation.

  • Oscar says:

    Hi Johnathan. This format is absolutely perfect for foreign readers of your blog that struggle with spoken english, but can understand it easier if it is written, as me. Thank you very much.

  • mia10006 says:

    Really like it! Keep it up.

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