Learning from Zach Elwood

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Zach Elwood

This blog post initially appeared as a guest post on Zach Elwood’s blog at ReadingPokerTells.com. For the best information about poker tells, check it out.


Whenever I am in the middle of any sort of significant downswing, I make a point to study the technical aspects of the game as much as possible while also seeing if anything else is going wrong with my game.

In this blog post, I will discuss how poker tells helped me claw out of my biggest downswing to date and also list ways you can use tells to improve your game.

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Evaulating Top Pair

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11Since top pair is the most common “value” hand you will make after the flop, it is important to fully understand how to play it. Despite the frequency with which you make top pair, most amateur players misplay this holding on a regular basis. It is important to realize that all top pairs are not created equal.

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Australia Trip Report

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My view in Melbourne

As most of you know, I spent all of October, 2014 in Australia.  I decided to make the trip to play the WSOP APAC events even though EPT London, which turned out to be a much larger tournament, was going on at roughly the same time. I decided to travel much farther to Australia because Amie, my fiancée, wanted to take a vacation to Australia and I figure
d this would be our only opportunity to make the trip any time soon.  Our plan was for me to arrive on 10/1 and for Amie to come after the poker tournament was finished, along  with one of her friends.

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My Podcast List

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logopodcastI have been asked numerous times “What podcasts do you listen to?” For those who do not know, I spend a TON of time listening to podcasts. While most people spend their time listening to music, I try to learn things to better my life. I usually listen to podcasts while traveling, working out, and occasionally at the poker table, although that is not recommended because it makes concentrating on the game nearly impossible.

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Travel Rake

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crown 1_miniIn this blog post I will detail one of the most costly leaks that aspiring poker pros fail to comprehend or even acknowledge. I will also outline ways for you to plug this leak so it doesn’t destroy your bankroll. It should be noted that this post is for people who care about money. If you are super rich or simply do not care about money, ignore this post

I frequently get emails from my students detailing their poker trips. One of the most common mistakes they make pertains to how much time and money they spend to actually play a tournament series. It is not uncommon for someone to go on a poker trip for a weekend to play a $240, $340, and $550 tournament. The rake in these events is $40, $40, and $50, meaning they think they are paying $130 in rake. This could not be further from the truth. Read More

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