Let’s NOT Make a Deal

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If you constantly chop in tournaments, you are lighting money on fire! This is because when you chop, you fail to get experience in short-handed, high-pressure situations. And on top of that, it’s unlikely that you’re getting an advantageous deal.

Today, I want to teach you the math behind the 3 most common methods of chopping and convince you to stop chopping unless your opponents pay you to make a deal!

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Using Aggression to Win at Poker

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If you only win pots when you have the best hand, you will not win significant money in poker. The idea of playing tight and straightforward only works if your opponents are really bad. To become a consistent winner, you must steal pots that don’t belong to you while developing an aggressive image that will actually get you paid off when you have the nuts.

In this video, I will show you when and how to exploit common opponents through aggression. If you apply these concepts, you will see an immediate increase to your win-rate!

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Big Blind Ante Strategy

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There is a new trend in live poker, The Big Blind Ante. It speeds up play so you get more hands in each level, which is great, but many people feel uncomfortable about the change in structure.  In this video, I will answer all of your questions on the topic and show you when and when not to adjust your strategy!

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Online Poker for Americans

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I am often asked by players from the United States about their options to play online poker. Some think it is completely illegal (which is not true) while others think their money is safe in unregulated/unlicensed sites (it is not). In this video, I explain all your options so you know how to stay in action without opening yourself up to losing all your funds.

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Giving Up a Little Value

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In cash games, you should usually strive to extract every little bit of value that you can, but in tournaments, you should often pass up on small amounts of value in order to ensure you do not lose a substantial amount of chips on any individual hand, allowing you to play more hands and realize more profits Read More

Feeling Pot Committed

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If you have played much poker at all, you have certainly heard the term “pot committed”, which essentially means that you have put so much money into the pot that you can no longer fold a hand that is almost certainly in bad shape against your opponent’s range. However, most players apply this incorrectly, often justifying calling off the rest of their chips while drawing nearly dead. Read More

Playing Slowly

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The hare wins in poker.

I am frequently amazed at how slowly some poker players play. Assuming you are a winning poker player, you make some amount of equity per hand you are dealt. Let’s assume you make $1 per hand. If you usually know what you will do within a reasonable amount of time, you will make around $30 per hour at the standard live poker table that plays 30 hands per hour. If instead, you take your time on every street and slightly increase your win rate to $1.20 per hand but now play only 20 hands per hour, you will cut your win rate to $24 per hour despite making (hopefully) better decisions. Read More

Listen to What They are Telling You

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This hand came up in a $1,000 World Series of Poker event I last year where I raised to 400 out of my 11,000 effective stack at 100-200-25 from middle position with 9s8s and an older, fairly straightforward guy called in the small blind. The flop came 9h-8d-5d, giving me top two pair. He checked, I bet 700 and he called. The turn was the Kd, making the flush possible. He checked, I bet 1,700, he raised to 3,400 and I called. The river was the 2c. He bet 2,100 and I called.
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Dealing with Disappointment

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Quite often, when playing the major tournament circuit, you’ll find yourself with no chips at a final table despite recently having a decent shot at a title. When you go from having lots of equity to none, crazy things start happening in your mind. I’m going to let you into my world and enlighten you to what I do to stay sane when things go wrong when there is a lot of money on the line. Read More

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